Teak Bottle Holders & Teak Drinks Holders

If you're planning a cosy evening on deck, you no longer have to worry about wind and waves spoiling the fun. SVB has the perfect solution for keeping drinks and glasses in place. Want to buy a bottle holder or purchase a drink holder? We offer high quality teak furniture for boats from ARC to complement your décor on and below deck!

Drink holders and bottle holders for boats

- Clutter and chaos? Not for me! -

Even in light waves, keeping drinks and bottles secure on board can be a challenge. There's nothing worse than broken glass, mess or worse, the risk of injury in very confined spaces. Our drink holders such as our teak drink holder and foldable teak drink holder/bottle holder, are an absolute must for avoiding such annoyances. We have the best drinks holders and cup holders for you. Having these items on board will make your next voyage so much more relaxing. The drink holders are a great way of bringing drinks from the galley to the crew on deck with minimal effort. Our drink holder can also be attached to a fixed location on board. Coffee or tea? You don't want your cups falling and shattering on the floor at the next wave, right? Give your cups a safe place to sit with a new cup holder, for example the teak cup holder for 3 cups!

Bottle holders that are built to last

 - How a bottle holder can make life on board much more comfortable -

Our teak bottle holders are incredibly durable and can will last a lifetime. Teak's natural properties mean it is virtually rot-proof and won't bend or become mis-shaped or splinter over time. This hardwood is also naturally resistant to water and decay, making it last an incredibly long time with minimal regular care. Don't miss out on these high-quality drink holders and bottle holders and increase the safety and comfort on your vessel. If you want to buy a bottle holder, SVB is the right place to look. 

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Caoimhín O. on 01.02.2023

Easy to order and fast delivery

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It was surprised how quickly all three items I ordered arrived at my door.

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I would order from SVB again