Biocide-Free Antifouling

Biocide-free antifouling is a type of antifouling that does not use environmentally harmful biocides. Biocide-free antifoulings from Hempel and Tikal - minimise damage to aquatic ecosystems. They ensure that organisms that cause fouling can no longer settle as easily on the hull or propeller and will quickly drop. Use a biocide-free antifouling and start your trip with a clearer conscience - experience fewer problems when disposing of your antifouling. Buy biocide-free antifouling and protect our environment! Learn more about Biocide-Free...
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Biocide-Free Antifouling

- Help protect the environment by using biocide-free boat paints -

When is it best to use biocide-free antifouling?

Using an antifouling that contains fewer harmful components is the best way to protect the environment and avoid harming aquatic organisms in boating. Biocide-free antifouling is more effective in keeping boat hulls free of fouling on rivers and lakes (inshore waters) than in salt water. You can use biocide-free antifouling more if:

- you use your boat frequently,
- the boat is only in the water for a short time,
- you sail your boat in season and take it out of the water and clean it afterwards,
- you use it in freshwater only,
- you tend to sail at higher speeds,
- you sail your boat in bodies of water with less vegetation.

Note: The use of biocide-free antifouling, however, is not yet suitable everywhere and in all cases. Before buying biocide-free antifouling, find out whether it provides sufficient protection in your area.

Biocide-free antifouling at SVB

In the SVB online shop you can buy biocide-free antifouling products from Hempel and Tikal. Hempel has developed a range of biocide-free antifouling paints for the underwater hull and for propellers and z-drives. You can buy Tikal Propeller Antifouling as a gel at a low price and keep fouling away from your propeller.

Buy biocide-free antifouling at a low price and have it shipped to your home port!

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