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Getting ready for your next adventure at sea and looking for a top-of-the-range life jacket?  Take a look at the product offerings of German family-owned company Bernhardt Apparatebau. Combining sound scientific knowledge and innovative products has made them one of the world's leading suppliers in the field of lifesaving equipment. In our SVB online shop you can buy SECUMAR lifejackets that are extremely comfortable to wear, offer maximum safety and are guaranteed to meet your quality requirements. Learn more about SECUMAR...

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john O. on 11.06.2018

Great Life Jacket, Well made and Practical

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john O. on 11.06.2018

A Great Life Jacket, Well Made and Practical

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Declan S. on 16.05.2018

Well worth the money

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Daniel M. on 07.07.2016

Perfect product and service. Great company and professional service

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Who are SECUMAR?

- Pioneers in lifesaving technology -

The family-owned company Bernhardt Apparatebau GmbH u. Co. has been developing and producing certified rescue equipment in the maritime sector for more than 60 years now. Founded in 1961, the German company is based in the Hamburg metropolitan region and is currently managed by a fourth generation. SECUMAR, from Holm, near Hamburg has made a name for itself thanks to innovative, high-quality lifejackets and buoyancy aids. The inspiration for the name SECUMAR is derived from the Latin "securitas in mare", which translates as "safety in the sea".

Karl Bernhardt founded the firm in 1926 and had been manufacturing diving equipment until his son Jost Bernhardt took over after the war and decided to focus on the production of emergency sea rescue equipment. In 1957, the tragic loss of the training sailing ship "Pamir," which killed 80 sailors, some of whom were wearing lifejackets, had such a profound impact on him that he decided to further his study into lifejackets. The goal was to tackle the known difficulties with traditional life preservers and analyse the weak points. His findings provided him with the basic research for more effective lifesaving equipment, and the milestone came with the introduction of the automatically inflatable SECUMAR life jacket that could protect its wearer from drowning even when unconscious. 

Jost Bernhardt’s research resulted in him closing the diving equipment business and specialising in sea rescue equipment.  In 1961, he founded Bernhardt Apparatebau GmbH u. Co., with the SECUMAR brand and in 1970, the aforementioned SECUMAR automatic lifejackets that inflate completely automatically on contact with water were created. The tremendous advantage of this model was that the wearer could move around comfortably with the lifejacket on, allowing any kind of work to be carried out.  The lifejacket was fitted with a CO2 cartridge that triggered the inflation mechanism only through contact with water, inflating the SECUMAR lifejacket in seconds in an emergency. Soon after the introduction of these features, the new SECUMAR lifejackets also started to become popular with recreational athletes.

Nowadays and as in the past, the fully automatic lifejackets are extremely popular with sailors, offshore workers and water sports enthusiasts, because one thing is quite clear: SECUMAR lets you sail more safely across the oceans.

Over the years, this life jacket equipment has been further optimised to make them even more robust, durable, and reliable. The use of new materials, processes, and continuous adaptation of the design of all product components make SECUMAR lifejackets more efficient than ever before.

The company's excellent products and certifications for safety standards make them a trusted partner for professional rescue equipment. Together with the German Navy and those of other countries, the German Maritime Search and Rescue Service (DGzRS), Bernhardt Apparatebau’s intensive research is enriched by valuable practical experience, which also has a positive impact on development. Bernhardt Apparatebau's goal is to provide customised products that always meet the customers' requirements and are compatible with their existing equipment. The combination of constant innovation and scientifically based research has made Bernhardt Apparatebau GmbH u. Co. one of the world's leading life jacket producers.

What makes SECUMAR a leading brand for premium rescue equipment?

- Innovation and technology for life-saving solutions -

Bernhardt Apparatebau GmbH u. Co. is committed to the highest quality standards in its production, enabling complete compliance with international safety standards and certifications. For more than 60 years, Bernhardt Apparatebau has acquired extensive experience in the maritime industry. The use of innovative technologies in its products and continuous research and development ensure permanent improvements to the SECUMAR product range. Due to their high-quality products, professional mariners as well as offshore workers and water sports enthusiasts worldwide trust the SECUMAR brand. They have a global presence with their portfolio and supply customers worldwide for more safety on the world's oceans. As a result of a strong focus on customers and listening to their feedback, the company adjusts its products to ensure long-term value for money and establishes long-term partnerships with organisations such as the German Sea Rescue Service (DGzRS). In addition to these valuable partnerships, they also work closely with maritime authorities such as the German Navy and have become its standard equipment supplier. This excellent reputation has also attracted the attention of the navies of other countries and the merchant shipping industry. In the meantime, SECUMAR also collaborates with the United States Navy, which also relies on their top-quality products. Not only are boats equipped with SECUMAR rescue equipment, but also submarines and even aeroplanes, which is why their range also includes other important rescue equipment such as SECUMAR lifesaving collars and SECUMAR lights, all of which can be found in our SVB online shop.

The excellent reputation and numerous awards for SECUMAR rescue equipment leave no doubt that Bernhardt Apparatebau strives constantly to obtain the closest possible proximity to their 100 percent safety target. SECUMAR's range of products not only keep you safe, but they also give you a safe mindset, knowing that you can fully rely on SECUMAR equipment while you concentrate on sailing your boat.

SECUMAR products

Are you already an owner of our SECUMAR LIFE JACKETS and looking for spare parts for SECUMAR life jackets or want to buy a SECUMAR Life-Saving Collar or SECUMAR Lights? Then simply browse through our SVB online shop for the right product. There, you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for.

Unlike SECUMAR Automatic Lifejackets, which deploy and inflate automatically on contact with water, SECUMAR Manual Lifejackets must be deployed manually. This semi-automatic system is particularly practical if your water sport already involves a lot of water contact. SECUMAR Foam Life Jackets are the cheapest type and the classic among life jackets.

Are you planning a family outing on the boat and want to bring the smaller kids too this time? We have SECUMAR lifejackets for children & babies to keep your little ones well protected too.

Fully automatic lifejackets should be serviced at regular intervals to ensure that they are ready for use and function smoothly in an emergency. Your life jacket maintenance can be done for you by our SVB life jacket service check. Simply send us your lifejacket and we will put it through its paces.