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These catches and latches feature a clever locking mechanism and are a smart solution to securing your doors, cupboards and drawers when heeling or on rough water. Want to buy quality push locks and boat latches? Then take a look at our range of push-to-close snap locks and push button locks here! These locks are great for keeping doors from slamming in rough seas, as they cannot be shaken open like handles. Go for quality with products from SOUTHCO.

How do pushbutton locks operate?

-This pressure latch is smart and elegant -

Want to upgrade your boat with a push-lock boat door latch and interior marine hardware latches? A marine compression latch for boat furniture offers a number of advantages on board! As the marine door latch sits firmly in the housing, these types of boat locker latch are unaffected by gravity or vibrations. This is a big advantage over handles, especially those that are slightly older and have developed so much play over the years that they no longer do what they were supposed to. Push locks and latches can be used to secure other doors or items of furniture on board, such as drawers or cupboards. Close the door and the latch is engaged. Press the button and the the latch closes, locking the door. Press the button again to unlock the latch. Push-button latches not only secure your doors, they also look elegant.

The plastic base sits on the back of the door or can be milled/sunk into the back for thicker doors. A neck is recessed into the door up to the thin flange so that the mechanism protrudes only millimetres from the door surface. For doors with a larger diameter, we offer push latches in a sturdy design, made of chrome-plated brass. With our pushbutton locks, you can easily secure access to your cupboard, drawers, glove compartments or your motorhome drawers. Keep your cupboards and drawers firmly shut with these boat latches and catches. Push button catches will always keep your drawers and cupboards firmly closed without being visible.

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