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Product image of WHALE GALLEY GUSHER Foot Pump / connection right
WHALE GALLEY GUSHER Foot Pump / connection right
"excellent performance, large flow, smooth operation, easy mounting"
Product image of MARCO UP2/E Electronic Drinking Water Pump
MARCO UP2/E Electronic Drinking Water Pump
"Works perfectly, you do not need an expansion tank."
Product image of SHURFLO Pressure Water Pump, marine-grade
SHURFLO Pressure Water Pump, marine-grade
" It.s what I ordered. No suprises. Stability. "
Product image of WHALE Repair Kit for HENDERSON Mk 5 Pump
WHALE Repair Kit for HENDERSON Mk 5 Pump
"Everything okay, a bit long delivery time"
Product image of  Impeller Puller for 40-65 mm
Impeller Puller for 40-65 mm
"Good quality tool, must have on board. Very hard to find similar product to fit my boat pump impeller..."
Product image of WHALE HENDERSON Mk 5 Pump
"Excellent product: durable, efficient and serviceable. Will not let you down!"
Product image of JABSCO Filter for PAR MAX Pressurised Water Pump
JABSCO Filter for PAR MAX Pressurised Water Pump
"Very easy to install workes very well and really does its job."
Product image of MARCO Electronic Drinking Water Pump UP3/E
MARCO Electronic Drinking Water Pump UP3/E
"This product is used in a sailing boat 12 meter, with a double prefltration, system 5micron paper and 5micron higher density carbon filter. This product should be maintained every 2 year by changing the special water seal and ball bearing to avoid any interromption and damage inside the stator housing. I did not do that and I damaged the motor it self. It was my mistake of corse and mistake of SVB by not supplying spare parts. This part sold in pack of 4 kits (seal and ball bearing ) quite enough for 10 yers minimum."
Product image of JOHNSON PUMP L2200 Bilge Pump / 12 V / 7800 l/h
JOHNSON PUMP L2200 Bilge Pump / 12 V / 7800 l/h
"Very good and operational"
Product image of REICH High Performance Submersible Pump
REICH High Performance Submersible Pump
"Good pump, recommended for all."

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SPX Flow Technology (formerly Johnson Pump) has been developing, manufacturing and selling pumps and accessories for industrial and marine applications since 1968. The engineers from SPX Flow Technology constantly test new materials, optimize the different types of pumps (submersible pump, bilge pump, circulation pump, etc.) and implement new findings. Results from research and development are constantly incorporated into the manufacturing process according to the quality standard ISO 9001. SPX Flow Technology stands for an economical life cycle, since a pump is to provide you with excellent service on board long after purchase thanks to ideal spare parts service and maintenance.  
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Logo of WHALE
Whale - The name for pump, heating and water systems and installation accessories for use on sport boats, in caravans and the hobby sector. Various Whale products, such as the TWIST deck shower, have been awarded industry innovation awards in recent years. Whale works in a forward-thinking and innovative manner - a team of 27 designers and engineers uses state-of-the-art production techniques to develop innovations for all product segments. In the last 3 years, Whale has filed 15 design patents. The company Whale is located in Northern Ireland.
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Logo of JABSCO
Jabsco manufactures products for recreational and marine use. These include pumps and filters, toilets, sanitary items, fresh water and sewage systems, as well as equipment. Jabsco also invented the flexible impeller pump over 60 years ago. Need a new toilet lid for your Jabsco on-board toilet or the check valve on your Jabsco on-board toilet is defective? Use our spare parts finder for the right replacement part for your Jabsco on-board toilet! Spare parts finder for Jabsco toilets
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Logo of MARCO
MARCO spa was founded in 1970 by the Italian Giovanni Marco Franceschini. The company develops electric horns, air horns, certified signalling equipment and pumps of the highest standard. On more than 8,000 square meters production area, horns for boats, cars and trucks, and pumps are produced for a variety of uses. Research and development are equally important to the company at their headquarters in Castenedolo (Italy), where they have installed an echo room, vibration bench, spectrometer and other devices to design better quality products. MARCO products are sold in over 80 countries worldwide, and SVB offers a wide range of marine horns, electronic signalling equipment and pumps.
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Would you like to install a new onboard toilet or convert your manual WC? Is your onboard toilet system outdated, in need of repair or was it built according to the previous owner's specifications and not yours? Ocean technologies can offer solutions here. The company develops and produces high-quality sanitary products for the marine sector. The manual onboard toilets, electric marine toilets or conversion kits and suitable pumps have been produced for over 30 years in Isola Del Cantone, a small Italian town about 25 km from Genoa. In order to consistently meet the requirements for high-quality marine equipment, production is carried out in accordance with the ISO 9001 quality management system, and many products also have Italian R.I.N.A. approval or comply with SOLAS regulations.
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Pumps play an important role on board in a wide variety of areas, whether in water supply or removal. The larger the boat, longer the voyage, or more comfortable life on board should be, the more important it is to have reliable pumps. SVB offers an extensive range of pumps for various uses and requirements in boating. Fresh water pumps, wash down pumps, bilge pumps, submersible bilge pumps, waste pumps and more. Manual and electric pumps from renowned manufacturers such as Johnson Pump and Whale. Important items and accessories are also available, such as, impellers and switches. Learn more about Pumps...

Pumps for boats

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Pumps can make life on board easier in a wide variety of areas, for safety & comfort both below deck & above! They are used to pump water for use on board and to remove unwanted water.

Pumping water away
Water can sometimes accumulate in the boat for a variety of reasons, be it through rain, a leak or a valve that isn't properly sealed. To pump it out as quickly as possible, a range of pumps exists that make it easier to remove water from bilges or wet areas. You can find a selection of bilge pumps, & submersible pumps in our online shop.

Supplying & using water
For moving water on board, special pumps can be used for different purposes, e.g. in supplying freshwater for drinking and water for use in cleaning. The SVB range has all kinds of pumps, including fresh water pumps, deck wash pumps, wastewater pumps and cooling water pumps, each with matching accessories. Make your voyage as pleasant as possible and buy the right pump for your use on board!

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I input the wrong address in my order and DHL was unable to deliver. Tjade Diercks immediately resent the order and I had it the next day!