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Need a new or updated sea chart? Then you are exactly at the right place.Our special service is the programming of your old card to the latest standards. Of course, we sell also all the latest C-Map chart modules.

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SVB supplies all available C-MAP chart modules for sailing areas all over the world suitable for C-MAP chart plotters. In the list on the right you find the most popular C-Map charts.

Of course, we offer all other available routes as well - "we have the whole world for you on stock".

Whether reprogramming, updates or upgrades - the C-MAP NT+ and C-MAP MAX charts are coded right here at SVB. We always use the latest cartography and updates.

Here you will find our offers of C-MAP sea chart modules

Here you will find a large offer of Navionics sea chart modules

Would you like an update or upgrade?

In case you need an update of your sea charts, please send us your recent module via postal service. Please note that a downgrade to the next smaller size (eg. from C-MAP MAX Mega Wide to the smaller size of C-MAP MAX Wide) is no longer possible.

Overview of C-MAP charts Start Seechart-Finder
Prices for C-MAP sea chart modules
Sea chart module Size Price
C-MAP NT+ Local EUR 179,95
C-MAP NT+ Wide EUR 269,95
C-MAP MAX Local EUR 179,95
C-MAP MAX Wide EUR 269,95
C-MAP MAX Mega-Wide EUR 309,95
C-MAP MAX-N Local EUR 139,95
C-MAP MAX-N Wide EUR 229,95*
C-MAP MAX-N Continental EUR 229,95*
C-MAP 4D Local EUR 139,95 *
C-MAP 4D Wide EUR 239,95 *
C-MAP 4D Continental EUR 229,95 *
C-MAP MAX N+ Local EUR 139,95 *
C-MAP MAX N+ Wide EUR 239,95 *
* Promo

We take your old modules in payment

If you want to update your old sea chart modules to the newest version or wish to change your shipping route you will receive a discount for your old modules as listed below.

IMPORTANT: This discount offer is only valid if you exchange one old module for one new sea chart.

Prices for updates of C-MAP modules
In return for Local Discount
NT+, Max, Max-N+, 4D EUR   50,-
In return for Wide Discount
NT+, Max, Max-N+, 4D EUR   90,-
In return for Mega Wide Discount
Max EUR   120,-
In return for Continental Discount
Max-N+, 4D EUR   90,-
Examples of upgrades and updates
Upgrade from Wide NT+ auf Mega-Wide MAX
Selling price Mega-Wide MAX: EUR 309,95
Deducting old chart EUR -120,00
Final price for upgrade EUR 189,95
Update of one NT+ Wide chart
Selling price NT+ Wide chart: EUR 269,95
Deducting old chart (Wide NT+) EUR -90,00
Final price for update EUR 179,95
Kartenplotter mit Seekarte

Further information about the C-MAP Sea Charts

C-MAP charts are one of the most proven and popular electronic charts. Many manufacturers of chart plotters trust in these charts. Thanks to the continuous technical developments, the units offer even more functions, and are yet easy to use.

The C-MAP chart modules are available in the formats C-MAP NT+ and C-Map MAX. The C-MAP MAX modules are an advancement of the NT+ modules. They offer an enhanced display and additional information.

Advantages of the C-MAP MAX chart modules :

The C-MAP MX charts provide 3D view with "forward view". They include aerial photographs of many major marinas, marina photos and useful information about the services. In addition, they offer a huge number of geographical data as well as animated tide and stream data etc.

NAVIONICS - Detailed Routes

New Chart: € 224.95
Update: € 118.00
Upgrade to Platinum+: € 178.00 instead of € 345.95
New Chart: € 345.95
Update: € 178.00
Downgrade to NAVIONICS+: € 118.00

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