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Looking for an inflatable boat with a motor? - we have top offers on inflatable boat sets here. Whether you're looking for a small inflatable boat with a motor or a tender with a motor - you choose the size and motor power that is best for you. Our Seatec inflatable boats come in various colours and designs to suit all needs. Visit our inflatable boat shop in Bremen or buy your dinghy with a motor here in our online shop

Inflatable boat sets

- Inflatable boats with an outboard motor -

Money can be saved by purchasing an inflatable boat with a motor as part of a set. To find the right motor for your dinghy, make sure you observe the manufacturer's maximum HP number for the respective dinghy model. Under no circumstances should inflatable boats be overpowered! Our inflatable boat sets with motor include small inflatable boats up to 2.50 m long and up to 3 passengers with outboard motors from Honda or Mercury with 2.3 or 3.5 HP. 

Nemo 230 inflatable boat with Honda 2.3 HP outboard motor

The perfect inflatable boat set for beginners or as an affordable yacht tender. 3 different colours to choose from for our Seatec Nemo 230 slatted floor dinghy for 2.5 passengers with a length of 2.25 m and get a 2.3 hp outboard engine from Honda as a set.

Yachting 225 inflatable boat and Honda 2.3 HP outboard

Get our 2.25 m long Seatec Yachting 225 inflatable boat for 2.5 people with a slatted floor in a set together with a 2.3 HP Honda outboard motor. The ideal inflatable boat set for excursions and fishing trips. The Yachting 225 inflatable boat set is also perfect as a tender for smaller yachts. 

Yachting 250 inflatable boat with Mercury 3.5 HP outboard

Our dark blue Seatec Yachting 250 inflatable boat with slatted floor is available together with a Mercury 3.5 HP engine at an absolute bargain price! Enjoy fishing trips and excursions with up to 3 people or use the 2.50 m long dinghy as a tender for your yacht.

Inflatable boat with how much HP?

3.3 HP inflatable boats
If you want an inflatable boat with engine power of up to 3.3 HP, our Seatec Nemo 230 inflatable boats with slatted floor are the right choice for you. The small rubber boats are ideal for short distances, and perfect if speed is not so important.  

5 HP inflatable boats
If you want to use a 5 HP motor on an inflatable boat, the Seatec Pro Adventure 240 inflatable boat with inflatable floor, the Pro Adventure 240 inflatable boat with aluminium floor or, if you want to buy a rigid hull inflatable boat, the Pro Tender 220 inflatable boat are ideal. 

6 HP inflatable boats
If you want to use a 6 HP motor with your inflatable boat, a Seatec Yachting 250 inflatable boat with slatted floor is ideal. The Seatec Pro Tender 240 with fixed hull is also excellent for use with a 6 HP engine. 

10 HP inflatable boats
For 10 HP, ideal boats are the Aerotend 310 inflatable boat with air floor, Pro Adventure 270 inflatable boat with aluminium floor or the Pro Sport 270 inflatable boat with rigid hull. Our 10 HP outboard engines for inflatable boats can be found here

15 HP inflatables 
For inflatable boats with 15 HP, rigid hull boats such as the Seatec Pro Sport 310 are ideally suited. 15 HP inflatable boat engines can be found here

20 HP inflatable boats
If you want an inflatable with 20 hp, one with an aluminium floor from the Seatec Pro Adventure series. The Seatec Pro Adventure 310 or the Seatec Pro Adventure 350 are designed for a maximum engine output of 20 hp. 20 HP outboards for inflatable boats can be found here

Short shaft or long shaft motor for my inflatable boat?

Outboards for inflatable boats are available with short or long shafts. A short shaft motor is the right choice for the boats available in our inflatable boat range. An outboard motor with long shaft is only required for our largest RIB inflatable boat, the Seatec GT Sport 410.

Inflatable boats with electric motor

Electric motors for inflatable boats are becoming increasingly popular. The motors are light in weight and extremely quiet. This makes it easy to take the motor with you after each use to prevent theft. Certain areas, such as nature reserves, may not be used with a petrol outboard motor. On Lake Constance, for example, a rubber dinghy with an electric motor is a good choice. You can find our electric motors here. If you are thinking of buying an inflatable boat with an electric motor, contact us and we will be happy to advise you.

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