The AMEC brand (Alltek Marine Electronics Corp.) was established in order to design and manufacture safe, high-quality marine electronics for sailors. AMEC's main focus lies on the development of proven and certified AIS technology. The company was founded in 2006, and since then they have experienced great customer satisfaction, in both the commercial and consumer sectors. AMEC's team consists of experienced research and development experts, who specialize in wireless communications, RF hardware and AIS products. Learn more about AMEC...
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Successful cooperation

- For many years -

Together with SVB, AMEC distributes its pleasure craft products on the European market. In 2013, SVB added the first AMEC product, the class B transponder CAMINO 101A to its technical product range. SVB was one of the first distributors in Europe to offer AMEC's high-quality AIS transponders. Now, SVB offers the complete AMEC AIS range, including AMEC's CAMINO 108 AIS transponder (with or without WiFi), CYPHO 150 AIS receiver (with or without splitter), CUBO 160 VHF/AIS Transponder with Splitter, as well as other necessary equipment.

In addition to AIS receiver/transponder technology, SVB also offers AMEC's PLOMO distress beacon, which allows vessels and rescue teams within a certain vicinity to locate the man-over-board via broadcasted AIS SART information.

Please do not hesitate to contact our technical experts via phone or email if you have any further questions concerning AMEC products.