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Due to their material, propellers and Z-drives require a special type of antifouling, which must be able to withstand high rotational speeds and abrasion caused by heavy water flow. High-quality propeller and Z-drive antifouling can be found here in our Antifouling Shop. Buy propeller antifouling as a grease, spray or paint and protect your propeller from growth and other fouling!

How do I apply antifouling to my z-drive?

- Spray or paint? -

Antifouling for your z-drive is available as a spray or paint. With the spray can, the antifouling is applied evenly and it is easier to get to hard-to-reach areas. Use a spatula to apply antifouling to the boat, then spread with a brush.

What type of antifouling?

There are also two different types antifouling for your propeller and drive: self-polishing antifouling and hard antifouling. Self-polishing antifouling rubs off by itself when the propeller moves. Due to this unique action there is always a fresh biocide layer on the surface. Hard antifouling, on the other hand, hardens after application and forms a binding agent structure containing the biocides. After the biocides have been "used up", an empty binding agent structure remains.

What should I use on my z-drive? What antifouling should I buy for my propeller?

Be sure to explore at length the various propeller and z-drive antifoulings. Choosing the right antifouling depends on the conditions in the area, so no antifouling paint is universally suitable for each propeller / drive. The existing surface also plays a major role. When taking over a boat, for example, be sure to consider which antifouling was previously used.

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