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Product image of MARINEPOOL Men's Club Jacket
MARINEPOOL Men's Club Jacket
"Good quality and fast delivery."
Product image of SEATEC Softshell Jacket / black
SEATEC Softshell Jacket / black
"A quality product at an affordable price with timely delivery. Really pleased with this purchase. SVB does it again!"
Product image of MARINEPOOL NILAS All-weather Jacket / navy blue
MARINEPOOL NILAS All-weather Jacket / navy blue
"As always quick and great service from the SVB team."
Product image of MARINEPOOL NILAS All-weather Jacket / yellow
MARINEPOOL NILAS All-weather Jacket / yellow
"Much better quality then expected. Paddedlined inside. Excellent for light eain and windy condition"
Product image of SEATEC Sailing Jacket WORKS advanced / anthracite
SEATEC Sailing Jacket WORKS advanced / anthracite
"Good one. looks good, I and son was in club regata and tested jacket. Light, comfortabile. especialy pockets, no swet. Asked SVB sales person concernig quality in comparison with famous brands. Answer was same quality. I am not disapointed. XL size is realy XL so bit big. but this is all right."
Product image of MARINEPOOL AUCKLAND Men's Trousers / navy blue
MARINEPOOL AUCKLAND Men's Trousers / navy blue
"I ordered size M and it fits perfectly. I'm 179cm with 104cm chest. If you are any bigger than me, I recommend taking size L (as me being at upper end of the size M) The quality looks great, more than I expected!"
Product image of MARINEPOOL SINCLAIR Parka
"Thanks, this is a good purchase !"
Product image of MARINEPOOL FORANO Men's Sweater Jacket
MARINEPOOL FORANO Men's Sweater Jacket
"....... .............."
Product image of SEA RANCH GREENA Breton Men's Shirt / navy
SEA RANCH GREENA Breton Men's Shirt / navy
"Very comfortable, worn but breathable shirt"
Product image of MARINEPOOL Borneo Coastal Jacket / navy
MARINEPOOL Borneo Coastal Jacket / navy
"Beautiful. At a speed of 50 km h, the wind is felt. For summer in bad weather above 15-25. The ventilation is worse. Excellent for such a price!"

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GILL marine has grown into a quality brand for technical sailing clothing since its foundation in 1975. GILL sailing jackets, sailing trousers and sailing gloves are popular with both water sports enthusiasts and sailing professionals alike. The world's leading marine clothing brand brings a balance of performance and protection to its GILL sailing wear. Discover the GILL OS1, OS2 and OS3 clothing series as well as matching accessories.
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Company founder Keith MUSTO first found fame when he won a medal in the 1969 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. As an entrepreneur, MUSTO had previously manufactured sails, but since then he has specialised in performance-optimised sailwear, which is reflected in constant development and technical precision work. MUSTO sailwear is characterised by its durability and is suitable for many areas. From offshore to powerboat to regatta use. MUSTO clothing for every adventure!
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A trio of sailing mates led to the founding of Marinepool during the early nineties in Munich. They lived by the motto "From sailors, for sailors" and this turned out to be exactly right. During their early years, the brand mainly consisted of sailwear, outdoor products and life jackets for sports and recreation. The demand for sailing fashion soon led to the creation of a fashion line for the nautical lifestyle. Every new product is optimised, down to the smallest detail before being introduced on the market. More than 25 years of experience and valuable feedback from the professionals on the Marinepool Racing Team guarantee functional, light and comfortable clothing.
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The Australian company ZHIK produces modern and functional sailing clothing for a wide range of uses. Sophisticated design and innovative materials characterise ZHIK clothing as well as maximum wearing comfort. ZHIK sailing clothing is used at the highest level, such as at the 2004 Summer Olympics and the Volvo Ocean Race 2017 - 2018. At SVB you can get ZHIK Spandex clothing for SUP and more.
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Versatile sailing jackets for men, ideal as a single jacket or mid-layer.
Water-repellent, windproof and breathable jackets keep you warm and dry. Technical crew jackets can often be finished with print or embroidery designs, while softshell jackets are particularly flexible and protect the body effectively against wind. Learn more about Men's Clothing...
Men's Clothing

Men's Sailing Clothing

- Perfectly dressed for every voyage -

What distinguishes good sailing clothing for men?

The perfect sailing clothing will keep you feeling comfortable in any situation on board. This should be the case regardless of whether you're sailing in the stormy Atlantic in the autumn or the Baltic Sea in the spring. Even if you're enjoying a pleasant cruise on the Adriatic and only wearing sailing shorts and a breathable shirt, the right sailing clothing is paramount to you having the best time on board. It should be chosen according to where you are sailing and heading. Ideally, you'll also want to be able to wear your warm Musto Snug as a casual men's jacket even in the winter. The more multifunctional your choice of sailing clothing, the more advantageous it will be. 

Which manufacturers of sailing clothing are there?

There are various manufacturers in the water sports sector. Each brand has its own special focus. When it comes to oilskins, Musto with its modern Gore-Tex fibres is one of the top performers. But Marinepool, Gill and Seatec also continue to bring out modern and practical designs of sailing trousers and sailing jackets for men

In terms of men's sailing wear, however, there is of course more than just oilskins. Practical sailing trousers or fleece sweaters used as midlayers are good to have for everyday life on the ship. Some prefer a more classic look and so always take a sou'wester or mariner's cap. That's why brands like ModAS and Sebago are also among the bestsellers of men's maritime clothing.

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