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It's worth knowing about gas installations on board! New installations have to be consistent with those of the EG's standard of 30mbar, 50 mbar (as per the 1996 standard) is also allowable for older installations. Learn more about Gas On Board...

Gas cylinders must be isolated in their own area, whereby at their lowest position, they must have a minimum area of a 2 cm Ø of ventilation around them.
Gas installations on boats must be inspected according to G 608 by a surveyor approved for boats.

Gas hoses and gas pressure regulators must be replaced 6 years after being manufactured according to BGR146 regulations. In the case of new installations, we recommend to only use a pressure reducer with a manometer. For most gas hoses, there is an expiration date located on the unit itself. Most of the hoses are protected from sun exposure, but all hoses deteriorate with time, and in order to prevent accidents, a hose must be replaced regularly. If a hose shows signs of small tears while being bent, it is already too late.

Please note: Gas hoses should be replaced in 6 year intervals after being manufactured!

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