Trigging and splicing

Trigging and splicing

Ropes don´t rust, ropes are light, ropes provides security - not only on the water. In cooperation with our strong partner Gleistein we provide you with smart and complete rope solutions for all fields of application, made of best and long life materials for your individual requirements and specific need.

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We offer you

In cooperation with GLEISTEIN, one of the biggest rigging producers in Germany and Europe, we offer you a high-quality service. Our professional rigger Olaf Wegmann produces handmade high performance ropes with best fitting splices and rope connections.

For each individual rigging that we provide for you at SVB, there is a detailed splicing manual. The required tools are available in our online shop. Please be aware of the fact that high performance riggings such as VECTRAN, DYNA ONE and DISCOVER need strengthened thimbles. Therefore web plates are added to nornal thimbles.

What kind of rope do you need?

Our rope rigging are traditionally handmade. Send us the datasheet filled out with your dimensions.

Splicing and Rigging - a traditional trade

Splicing and rigging is a traditional trade, which is still indispensable and cannot be replaced by any modern technology. But, what does the term "splicing" actually mean? A splice is the tear-and break-proof connection of fiber or wire ropes.

Their individual strands entwine the ropes with each other. The stability of a splice connection is based on a friction as well as on the phenomena of self-locking and it provides a higher strength than the original rope. The rigger knows different kinds of splicing: eye-splice, long-splice, short-splice and end-splice.

"It is a serious mistake if some would try to forget a professional rigger." claims Olaf Wegmann. For 20 years he has been a self-employed rigger and a professional in his field. Inaccurately completed splices minimize the breaking strength of the certain rope up to 75%. Regarding this a splice proves to be very useful: A rope, which has been spliced, withstands a burden twice as high as a knotted rope.

Many yachts are equipped with oversized lines which are in fact unneccsesary and costly. Therefore, professional sailors and racers know about the advantages of spliced ropes and use them to efficiently safe weight and money.

SVB helps you to realize your projects!

"It can be fatal to think that you do not need professional splices on board" says our expert Olaf Wegmann. For 20 years now, Olaf is a specialist in the craftsmanship splicing and rigging.

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Compared breaking strengths: splice and bowline knot

Ø mm Splice’s breaking load daN Bowline knot’s breaking load daN Strength loss
Gemini X 16 6,500 4,000 - 39 %
Tasmania 12 2,900 1,750 - 40 %
Dyna One® 16 20,500 4,500 - 78 %

Information: daN = decanewton, is the unit of force. 1 Newton = 0.102 kgf, 1daN = 1.020 kgf (or kilopond, approximating 1 daN (10 N) to 1 kg).

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