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B&G is one of the world's most popular brands amongst the world's best skippers. For over 50 years, B&G has developed electronic solutions designed to make skippers enjoy their activities on the water even more.

Extremely user-friendly! B&G Zeus S ® - Discover now

Get your hands on a Zeus S now!

Discover the B&G Zeus series, with its impressive intuitive operation and unique features. Thanks to advanced sailing features, you'll always have access to the data you need and can select the right sailing mode to suit your requirements. Find the right course with ease thanks to C-MAP Reveal X and Discover X map support with highly accurate data. The handy setup wizard helps to get you started and the touchscreen display makes every input effortless. The high-resolution SolarMAX IPS touchscreen is always easy to read, day or night, even when wearing sunglasses. With built-in Wi-Fi, NMEA2000 and Ethernet, it's easy to connect other devices, making Zeus S the new heart of your sailing system.

Since their first days as a company, B&G has aimed to develop certain technologies, which ensure maximum navigational safety and better visibility at sea. Some of the world's best sailors, from Sir Francis Chichester to Ellen MacArthur have chosen B&G products, in order to turn their dreams on the water into reality. Furthermore, Volvo Ocean vessels are equipped with B&G products. B&G also cooperates with America’s Cup teams and uses their feedback and results to develop new, innovative products for all types of sailors - whether it's for racing, blue water cruising or everyday navigation. One of B&G's most innovative technologies is their solid-state X-band radar, which utilises FMCW technology. This B&G broadband radar technology transmits a continuous transmission wave with increasing linear frequency, which maintains its frequency as it moves, reflecting back from any object. Meanwhile, the transmitter continues sending out an increasing frequency. This is the basis used to calculate the exact “time of flight” and target distance. Also available at SVB - the new Broadband 4G™ Radar, which reinvents the way in which you enjoy navigating on the water. With features such as: beam sharpening, dual range radar, target separation control, as well as high speed mode. If you need technical advice on any of B&G's products, please do not hesitate to contact the SVB team.