Wire Rope Customization

Wire Rope Customization

Dear customers, please note that we cannot process with used or material provided by you. Thanks for your understanding.

With stainless steel wire constructions, not only sails can be tightened and not only sunroofs can be fitted. Wire ropes can replace traditional railings, they can spice up playgrounds for your children and make plants entwine. Wire ropes can even do more - let our technical experts present you our possibilities and discover the innovative ideas that we have already realized.

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We offer you

Stainless steel wire rope and wire rope connections as desired. Complete shrouds, railing wires and other rope constructions. Rollings and pressing with modern methods. For railing, awnings, antenna systems, standing and running rigging. For the design of stair railings, canopies and rope constructions, plant supports and bracing. Detailed advice from SVB for the planning and implementation.

What kind of line do you need?

We produce wire ropes according to your wishes. Send us the datasheet wire ropes filled out.


From initial consultation to the finished product

SVB produces your wire rope according to your wishes and needs. Shrouds, rods or rail ropes, we do not balk to supply you with any of these wire rope works. We ask you to measure your desired length with a thin wire rope from the first point of pull to the second one.

Corresponding to the connections, we provide terminal rolling for wires of 3 mm to 16 mm, which we produce with our hydraulic press. This press is able to convert wires with up to 12 mm.

For thimbles we are using pressings with copper clamps (wire 2 mm - 10 mm). With shrouds and rail ropes the wires come at the given length with ca. 2/3 unscrewed clamps. Please do not hesitate to ask us about your individual works.

SVB helps you to realize your projects!

Your idea is in good hands with us - no matter the project you have in mind, SVB has competent planning assistance and the right service to realise all your individual ideas.

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