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Anchors & Accessories


The anchor is a symbol of loyalty and hope. Primarily, the anchor is a device with which a vessel is moored, in order to be not driven off by the wind, current, waves, or other forces.

An anchor is not "thrown", but dropped, the command is: "drop anchor". There are many different shapes, sizes and weights of anchors available.

Depending on the type and texture of the mooring bed, different anchors are suitable in some situations, while others are not:
• Mud: Was formerly entirely unsuitable for anchorage (no adhesion for stock anchors)
• Silt: Has very bad ashesion and was formerly unsuitable for prolonged anchoring (stock anchors sank too deeply)
• Gravel and stones: Considered difficult to ideal, depending on the particle size of the stones and the texture of the anchor
• Large stones: Problematic due to the difficulty of wedging the anchor successfully
• Clay: Good anchorage, since it's composed of uniformly sized particles and it's very porous
• Sand: Provides the best anchorage

The texture of the sea floor is given in marine charts. In cruising guidebooks, suitable anchorages are described, together with indications of the weather conditions (wind directions) suitable for mooring in.
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Anchor / galvanized
169.95 EUR In stock from €169.95
Wing Anchor - hot-dip galvanized
Original CQR Plowshare Anchor
Plowshare Anchor - Stainless steel
Bracket Anchor, galvanized steel
Stainless Steel Bracket Anchor
Folding Grapnel Anchor - Galvanized Steel
Folding Grapnel Anchor - Stainless Steel
Lightweight Anchor

Anchor Chains / Anchor Lines

DIN or ISO?  Find out now which anchor chain is the right one for your windlass. Our customers need our help very frequently, when it comes to the normalization of chains. As a part of the EU harmonization, many anchor chains are supplied in accordance with ISO standard. Particularly in other European countries where this standard has been available for a long time.

At 6.8 and 13 mm, the dimension chains DIN ISO 766 and 818 are the same. The 10 mm chains -t- partition is different. According to DIN 766, the pitch is only 28 mm, ISO 818 it is 30 millimeters. With finely crafted chain nuts these different sizes can lead to problems (the first 5-6 links are still running well, but then the chain begins to jam). Our Lofrans winches are supplied as standard with DIN 766 chain nuts (with the exception of the windlass Progress II). On request, ISO sprockets are available. We also have 10, 12 and 14 mm ISO-chains in our product range. High-strength chains and test certificates are available upon request. Talk to our SVB technical specialists, we're here to help! 
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3-strand Polyester Anchor Rode
High-Quality Anchor Chain, galvanized
Stainless-Steel - Forerunner Chain
Combined Anchor Rope with Chain Forerunner
Mooring Line System
Lead Anchor Line
Polyester 3-strand anchor line

Anchor Accessories

ELBA - Bow Roller with Rocker
CAPRI - Bow Roller with Rocker
MESSINA - Bow Roller
GENUA - Bow Roller
NEAPLE - Bow Roller
Chain Roller
Windlass Support Line "Devil's Claw"
Chain Swivel Jaw / Jaw - Hex Socket
Chain-/Anchor Connection with Swivel
Anchor Roller, plastic
Anchor Holder for Stern Pulpit
Chain Stopper, Precision Cast

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