Water sports since 1989

Dive into SVB's history and discover more about our company development. Over 30 years of company history - a veritable success story from past to present.

SVB Gebäude 1989


Thomas Stamann begins the company's business activities, marking the start of SVB's voyage to becoming today´s top destination for water sports products. Every single order is personally processed and packaged by hand.


After five years of hard work, the young company moves into their first self-owned building in Bremen, with 400 m² of working and storage space and six employees.

SVB Gebäude 1998


An extension of about 250 m² to the SVB building is built. The first ever SVB catalogue appears, in full colour. SVB's own brand /SEATEC is created.


The turn of the millennium also marks the beginning of a new era for the SVB team and its captain, as the team prepares to move into their newly built business complex in the Airport City of Bremen. The then crew of 16 now have 3000 m² of storage and working space at their disposal. More goods can be dispatched in an even faster time to customers.

SVB Gebäude 2002


The SVB shop opens with 500m² of sales space for its customers. The SVB catalogue now features in excess of 300 pages.


As we all know, if you don't go forward, you go backwards. So, in order to prevent the company from stagnating, while always staying one step ahead, in 2005 Thomas implements a semi-automatic conveyor system with an additional 1800 m² of warehouse space. Within just six years, the crew of SVB has expanded from 16 to 42 employees. As a result, the right specialist for various areas of expertise is always available.


Thomas Stamann is and remains a "man of action". Anyone who has met him knows that a vision does not stay a vision for long, and in 2008 he has another brilliant idea: Portmaps. Portmaps is a digital water sports community, used to help sailors. Portmaps now has more than 12,000 active members and presents 2,563 registered ports.

SVB Gebäude heute


Within a few years, the new building is bursting at the seams. SVB continues to grow. In 2009 the Stamann family decides to invest in an old 16,800 m² factory, which is located next to the previous complex. The factory building is completely overhauled and refitted to suit the needs of the water sports giant. In 2011 the conversion is completed and the move to the new premises can take place. In addition to office space, the larger area is also used to offer greater service options, such as milling work, custom-fitted pre-cuttings and much more.


New, innovative water sports brands gain popularity. Designed by experienced sailors, these products brave the hard conditions on board and feature a first-class design. All products are manufactured using the best materials and are designed using modern technologies. They are practical, functional and equipped with useful features.


In May 2013, another milestone is reached with the launch of the SVB online shop. The site is created internally and designed specifically to suit the needs of SVB's customers. Customers can now sort items according to brand name, create a wish list and write and read reviews about SVB’s products and service. It's also possible to track the status of an order live, in the customer's own account.

Did you know?

Our SVB logo also has its own history

Abbildung SVB Logo ab 1989

ab 1989

Abbildung SVB Logo ab 1994

ab 1994

Abbildung SVB Logo ab 2017

ab 2017


SVB has been providing excellent service to its customers in all aspects of the nautical and water sports sectors for over 25 years. To celebrate our 25th birthday, we started publishing weekly Chili offers to take our customer's breath away. The hot offers still feature today, so don't miss out!


This year, for the first time, we proudly presented our water sports bible in French! The catalogue featured detailed product descriptions of over 16,000 products on 528 pages. The French version of the catalogue was also designed and created 100% in our own facilities.


In 2016, we entered into an exclusive partnership with Bavaria. As a result, you can now order original spare parts for your Bavaria from us.

A generation change at SVB

A generation change at SVB

For some time now, Thomas Stamann has not stood alone at the helm. Judith and Andreas Stamann are the second generation of the family business to help captain the ship. Judith joined SVB back in 2013 after studying abroad and is responsible for much of what you see and hear from us today. Andreas graduated as a mechanical engineer and began his career at SVB in 2017, immediately taking care of the optimisation of the entire logistics system.

SVB sponsoring


In 2017 we had the honour of sponsoring the Red Bull Youth America's Cup. The Red Bull Youth America's Cup is the little brother of the famous America's Cup and was held for the 2nd time. It took place just before the America's Cup, between 12th and 21st June 2017 in Bermuda in the North Atlantic and was sailed by young stars of international sailing, aged 19 to 24. For the 2017 RBYAC, 12 teams from 12 different nations participated, gliding over the water on the extremely fast AC45 catamarans in 6-member teams.

Customers ask Customers


Customers ask Customers is a feature that allows you to ask a question about a product, which will reach not only SVB's technical experts, but also other customers who have already purchased the exact same product.


This year we celebrated our 30th anniversary and in October we had the topping-out ceremony for our new automatic small parts warehouse facility.


By 2019, the hall was ready for operation, but construction and commissioning went on throughout 2020, and the completion of our automatic spare parts warehouse was a real achievement of this year. Our French catalogue also had its 5th anniversary.


Our catalogue

The biggest project of our media department every year is the SVB catalogue or "the water sports bible" - designed and created completely in house

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