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Over the past 30 years, more than one million navigators all over the world have put their trust into C-MAP electronic charts. C-MAP vector-based charts offer unrivaled navigational details and work with many different brands of chartplotters. For many years, SVB has been one of C-MAP's strongest partners. Every single chart is programmed, updated or upgraded in-house by our professionals. This is our exclusive service for you, thus a quick service is guaranteed.
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GARMIN was founded in 1989, and is among the world's leading companies in the development of mobile navigation technology. In the marine sector, GARMIN has developed into one of the leading manufacturers of marine navigation devices with its own cartography and a broad range of GARMIN MARINE products. GARMIN prides itself on the quality of its products and maintains strict process and quality control of the products manufactured in its own facilities.
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Navionics: escape the ordinary. In 1984, Navionics launched their first electronic chart device “Geonav” and released it onto the market. Today, everyone is familiar with electronic navigation technology. The company is now at the forefront of nautical cartography products.
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Raymarine - The Marine Specialists. With over 30 years of experience in the development and manufacturing of electronics for pleasure boats, expecially of marine navigation systems and autopilots, Raymarine produces innovative technologies combined with elegant designs.
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As well as the area you want the chart to represent, the electronic chart must also be compatible with your chartplotter. To be able to use an electronic chart with a chartplotter, not only must the memory card type be compatible, but also the chart software. We recommend our chart finder to help you select the right electronic chart without any headaches. To chart finder >> Learn more about Electronic Charts...
Electronic Charts

Electronic Charts

- Which chart is the right one for my chart plotter? -

Digital nautical charts are usually so-called vector charts, which means that chart sections can be enlarged or reduced and detailed information is displayed depending on the zoom level. The best known manufacturers of electronic nautical charts are Navionics and C-Map. Both manufacturers use different types of memory cards and different software systems. Not every card fits every chartplotter. Get an overview of the different sea charts.

What types of memory card are available for electronic sea charts?

Electronic nautical charts are available in various memory card formats.

1. Micro-SD / SD charts from Navionics

Micro SD / SD cards from Navico

2. C-Card charts from C-Map

C-Card sea charts from C-Map

3. Micro-SD / SD cards from C-Map

Today's multifunctional displays usually use micro-SD cards to display electronic charts.

Which sea chart does my plotter support?

Depending on the manufacturer of your chartplotter, different chart systems are supported, although Navionics nautical chart support has become standard with many manufacturers. Please note that there may be differences in compatibility depending on the plotter model. In general, the following compatibilities apply:


Raymarine chartplotters support Navionics charts and C-MAP 4D charts. 

Navico chartplotters, i.e. Simrad, B&G and Lowrance chartplotters, support Navionics charts as well as C-MAP Discover+ and Reveal+ charts.

Only Garmin blueChart charts or Garmin Navionics+ / Garmin Navionics Vision+ are supported by Garmin chartplotters. 

For detailed compatibility checks for different plotter models, we recommend using our chart finder.

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