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Supply lines on board must be non-toxic, clean and neutral in taste. They also must be approved for use with drinking water. Moreover, the system must be able to operate under high pressure and with hot water. For sanitary water systems, reinforced PVC with polyester braiding has long since been the best choice. It is precisely these types of hoses, which can also be used for tanks and vent connections as well.

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In recent years, PE pipe systems have become the focus of sanitary areas on ships. This material offers many advantages. You can install water systems on board quickly and easily with Whale Connect terminals. In addition, the texture and light resistance of the material helps to reduce the growth of algae. Likewise, opening and closing the pipe system is a breeze.

PE pipe systems are available in different colors: red for hot water and blue for cold water. This makes handling much easier.

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I input the wrong address in my order and DHL was unable to deliver. Tjade Diercks immediately resent the order and I had it the next day!