Paint, Care, Tools

Paint, Care, Tools

Paint, Care, Tools

Sun, sea and rain water, dirt and fouling. All are ruthless and aggressive, and can be a massive strain on your boat during the season. Make sure that your yacht shines with its fullest splendour for long-lasting pleasure - with the right care products. With special boat cleaners, polishes and impregnating agents, painting the underwater hull with high-quality antifouling paints, repairing defects with sealant or resin and renewing flaking boat paint, your boat will be kept in the best condition and have everything it needs to keep it safe and reliable throughout the season and reduce the likelihood and cost of unexpected repairs.

Discover our wide range of paints and varnishes for various materials above and below the waterline. Wood care for your teak deck, cleaner for GRP, aluminium, steel & metal, plastic and fabric, care and polish for the right shine and protection. Plus everything you need in tools and accessories, from sanding and polishing machines to buckets and scrubbers for spring and autumn cleaning.

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