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Established in 1881, the International® brand stands for the highest possible standard of care for a variety of motor boats and sailing yachts. They have successfully established themselves in the boatbuilding and boat maintenance market.
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The World of HEMPEL. In 1915, HEMPEL was founded by J.C. Hempel,  a pioneer in producing ready-made marine paints. Today, the HEMPEL brand is the largest independent supplier of protective marine coatings and paint for yachts and motorboats worldwide.
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In 1902 the Dutchman Willem Heeren and his son Albert founded the company W. Heeren en Zoon. Their first product was a linseed oil-based paint called Epifanes. Today, Epifanes develops and produces a wide range of high quality boat paints and teak care products, which you can now order in the SVB online shop.
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Since 1982, Yachticon has been leading the market in maintenance and care products for yachts and caravans. The company offers a wide-variety of specialized cleaners for yachts, motorboats and inflatable vessels. Their range of products also includes: cleaning agents, fabric cleaners, interior cleaners, waterproofing agents, teak cleaners, oils, inflatable dinghy cleaners, sea water shampoo, dish soap and much more...
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Sun, sea and rain water, dirt and fouling. All are ruthless and aggressive, and can be a massive strain on your boat during the season. Make sure that your yacht shines with its fullest splendour with our boat paints, care & cleaning products. Learn more about Paint, Care, Tools...
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Boats are constructed using many different materials, all of which require their own care and protection against the prevailing conditions on the water. Different areas of a yacht also require individual treatment. The underwater hull, which is permanently exposed to the water, needs a different kind of protection than hulls or decks above water, which are permanently exposed to the sun, but also to spray and rain. As well as having a supply of suitable care and cleaning products, we recommend always having a selection of tools on board. Not only useful in case of leaks or breakages on board, they could also save lives.

Underwater hull

Painting the underwater hull is probably the most important protection you can give your boat. This part of the vessel is constantly exposed to the water and the microorganisms in it. Our antifouling guide contains all the information you need about the results you can achieve, why it is so important and how to choose and apply the right antifoluing for your boat.

Above the waterline

Overwater paint is used to treat the part of the hull that protrudes from the water. Boat paint for the area above the waterline not only protects this part of the hull, it is also your chance to give your boat your own personal touch. Boat paints for the above-water area are available in many different colours. Often two different colours are used for the waterline and the part of the hull above water, so there are many different possible combinations. You'll achieve a long lasting, beautiful colour result if you treat the hull with wax and polish afterwards.


On the deck of every boat there are a number of different objects and materials that should be cared for, as they are not only exposed to salty air and spray, but also to permanent UV radiation. Many ships still have classic teak decks. Teak decks, as well as teak furniture on deck require special protection to prevent greying, which can occur over time. Special teak oils, teak cleaners and care products givey your wood long-lasting beauty. You should also regularly protect other types of wood on deck with clear varnish or wood oil. Aluminium & metal on deck, such as the mast and cleats, should be cleaned regularly with special cleaners and protected with anti-rust products. Acrylic glass hatches & windows often get covered with salt crystals or scratched, especially on the high seas. There are special cleaning and care products especially for acrylic glass on boats.


Below deck, the air is often very humid and mould can easily occur. Make sure you have the appropriate cleaning products at hand if needed.

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