Wooden Grab Rails & Teak Handrails

Have the handles and grab rails on your boat seen better days and could do with being replaced or renewed? Here at SVB we have handrails and handles to suit all tastes, made of solid teak wood to bring a clean, natural look to your boat and give it the specialty marine teak feel it deserves. Want to buy a handrail for your boat? We have a range of handles and grab rails in different sizes and lengths, so you can find a replacement that will fit the exisiting screw holes, and you won't need to drill anew. 

A new wooden handrail made of teak

- Great grip and visually stunning on board -

Did you know that wooden teak handrails not only make your boat look stunning, they're also strong and durable to withstand the harshest of weather? When the sea is rough, you'll need a grab rail that's strong and sturdy. Teak is the perfect natural wood for handles and handrails on board and ideal for use on the water. The durability of teak results in a long-lasting product that is strong and sturdy, perfect for use on boats. We have a large selection of teak grab rails and handles for you to choose from, like our 33 cm teak handrail that won't let you down. And because we offer a wide range of sizes and lengths, you may find a teak handrail that is the same shape as your existing handles or the one you need to replace. Which means you won't need to drill any new holes and can simply swap your old handrail for the new one. If you have to make any repairs to your teak deck, or if your new handle/handrail is slightly the wrong size, our teak plugs can be used to fill unsightly holes, should you need to make them. Our handrails can be used anywhere on board and will also make a practical and visual focal point to any motorhome or caravan. Teak's natural grain adds a beautiful smooth finish to your deck or cabin and immediately enhances the interior of your mobile home. But teak not only looks great, because of its durability, resistance to rot, pests, and water, you never have to worry about wear and tear. Long after other wood types have faded away, your teak handrails will give you many years of use on board.

Note: Please bear in mind that our teak handrails for boats are a natural product. Slight differences in colour and structure are therefore not uncommon as well as completely natural. However, if you are not satisfied with the quality of the product, you can easily contact us and let us know!

How do you fit a wooden handrail?

- Installing wooden handrails -

There are several ways to attach a wooden handrail. Let's take a look at two different ways you can install your grab rail on your boat using screws or bolts. 

1. Screw in place. The first thing to note is that repeatedly screwing and unscrewing can damage the integrity of the natural teak wood and weaken it. So make sure you know where you want to install it and once fitted, avoid making too many adjustments to position. A teak handrail can also be simply screwed in from behind. We recommend using wood screws for this type of attachment.

2. Through bolt. By far the most secure method and least damaging to the material is to use through bolts with plugs hiding the bolt heads. This requires some planning and involves drilling holes in the exact right place. Use our Teak plugs / 100 pieces from ARC, which are also always handy to have in your boat repair kit. Drill the holes through the handle or grab rail and use the plugs to hide the bolt heads. Make sure you know the angle of the holes to drill. To remove and replace your existing grab rail, simply remove the teak plugs first, then unscrew the bolt.

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