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Trimming and how to do it correctly is a never-ending topic. Some suppliers provide fully automatic trim systems as a solution, which of course can also be operated manually. The trim system ensures a stable position in the water when half-planing and planing. Trimming also helps you to start planing earlier, which has a positive effect on fuel consumption Learn more about Trim Systems...

Trim Systems

- Trim tabs and trim controls for boats -

Trimming - How does it work?

At the push of a button, the trim tabs move into the desired position by means of the positioning cylinders. The water resistance on the downward sloping plates generates upward pressure. Thus, during movement, the stern is lifted and the bow is lowered.
The principle is simple, the result is impressive. Without squeezing the throttle, the speed increases and the boat planes in the optimum position, regardless of weight distribution and speed.

Tab control

The heart of the unit is the tab control, with or without a position indicator. Two types of drives are available; hydraulic or electric. The advantages and disadvantages of these different drives are based in their installations, their maintenance and their accuracy in controlling; for example a hydraulic system requires a much more complex installation than an electric system.

What different trim tab systems are available?

Many factors play a role when selecting a trim tab size. To help you decide which to choose, the different trim sizes come with recommendations for suitable boat sizes.

ZIPWAKE trim tabs
Featuring the most innovative 3D control, you have continuous control over the trim, position and direction of your boat. ZIPWAKE's dynamic trim control system is one of the fastest trim systems on the market today.  
Ultraflex Electro Trim Tab Kit
These electronic trim tabs are designed to meet demanding maritime conditions The system increases comfort and reduces fuel consumption.
Mente Marine
Mente Marine offers a fully automatic trim tab control. This compensates for changes in trim position due to wind, new courses or changes in passenger seating positions. It automatically brings your boat into the optimal trim position. Can also be operated manually.
Lenco RetroFit-Kit
As easy as it gets. The RetroFit kit contains everything you need to replace Bennett cylinders with modern electric cylinders. The special feature here is its ease of installation.

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