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Do your seat cushions look like they've seen better days? If so, it might be time to think about a comfortable replacement cover for your folding chairs and replacing the seat cushion and backrest. Want to protect your folding chairs from the elements? Then take a look at our folding chair bag. Looking to buy a new folding chair cover? SVB has a range of high-quality folding chair covers from ARC - for a comfortable and stylish deck.

Folding chair covers & bags: Why buy a carry bag for your camping chair?

- High quality folding chair covers & protective bags -

Do you need to move your on-board chairs or want something to protect them? Then buying a chair carry bag is a good idea! These handy chair bags will protect your valuable furniture and ensure it lasts as long as possible. The ARC Bag for DIRECTORS CHAIR Folding Chair and the Bag for REGISSEUR Folding Chair protect against scratches and stains in the wood. A carry bag for folding chairs is essential if you plan to transport your camping chair.

A cover for folding chairs and similar types of chair serves not only as a comfortable seating option, but also as a quick way to enhance your boat's interior. If you want to change the look of your boat, you can easily replace your chair covers and give your boat interior a completely different feel. Featuring robust material and carry handles, your chairs are easy to transport. Pack up and bring your chairs with you on your next camping trip or complement your garden set. Our handy storage items are perfect for marine chairs/camping chairs or all kinds of folding chairs. And our chair covers make wonderful camping chair covers or folding chair covers.

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