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Product image of DOMETIC PerfectCharge MCA1235 Charger
DOMETIC PerfectCharge MCA1235 Charger
"I like the size and weight. It would only be used at the dock if there is not enough wind and sun to keep the batteries up. I have a wind generator and 4 solar panels. Will send more information after it is hooked up and in use."
Product image of DOMETIC PerfectCharge MCA1250 Charger
DOMETIC PerfectCharge MCA1250 Charger
Product image of DOMETIC PerfectCharge MCA1225 Charger
DOMETIC PerfectCharge MCA1225 Charger
"The build quality and terminals are good though not top. Its very lightweight. It does the job perfectly well in my case the house battery bank is 2x185Ah. But in my opinion its really not comparable to more expensive and massive chargers like Mastervolt silent type chargers. As the fan makes some noise (switching on more or less irregurarly it seems) I wouldnt consider mounting it to a cabin locker or anywhere near to a bunk."
Product image of BLUE SEA Battery Switch, 4 Positions / 350 A / 12/24 V
BLUE SEA Battery Switch, 4 Positions / 350 A / 12/24 V
"Excellent service"
Product image of MASTERVOLT ChargeMaster 12V / 25A / 3 charging outputs
MASTERVOLT ChargeMaster 12V / 25A / 3 charging outputs
"Handhabung, einfach und unkompliziert"
Product image of  NAUTIC POWER - Diode Distributor / 90 A
NAUTIC POWER - Diode Distributor / 90 A
"Easy to fit."
Product image of MASTERVOLT EasyCharge Battery Charger / 12 V / 10 A / 2 charging outputs
MASTERVOLT EasyCharge Battery Charger / 12 V / 10 A / 2 charging outputs
"Fit and forget, it's mastervolt!"
Product image of  Electronic Alternator Regulator
Electronic Alternator Regulator
"not yet build in, seems o.k."
Product image of  Alternator 12V / 115A / Volvo Penta D1 / D2 / D4 / D6
Alternator 12V / 115A / Volvo Penta D1 / D2 / D4 / D6
"Its a perfect replacement for the Volvo original . Fitted without any adjustments."
Product image of MASTERVOLT EasyCharge PORTABLE Battery Charger 12 V / 4.3 A
MASTERVOLT EasyCharge PORTABLE Battery Charger 12 V / 4.3 A
"This charger is good for a small boat and for keeping the battery toped up."

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VICTRON Energy is one of the world's best-known manufacturers of devices used in battery and charging technology, as well as self-sufficient power supply, with a wide range of high-quality products. Their reliable devices are used in the maritime and caravaning sector, as well as industrial applications. 
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MASTERVOLT offers you innovation, with extensive know-how. The company strives to expand the possibilities of electrical systems and component technology to their furthest potential. Each MASTERVOLT product has a long service life and optimum performance!
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Professional energy and charging technology for stationary and mobile applications STERLING Power Products develops high-quality products for energy management of stationary and mobile units. The focus is on chargers, inverters, high-power regulators for alternators and other devices to optimize power supply. Thanks to its technically well-engineered and proven products, STERLING has become a well-known brand, especially in the world of water sports. For example, the engineers of STERLING Power Products developed waterproof chargers for use in completely exposed areas without protection (open boats or outdoors). Worth mentioning are the STERLING high-performance regulators, which practically turn a conventional alternator to a high-performance alternator with optimum IUoUo characteristics.
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Mobile living made easy Our society is becoming more and more global, many people maintain an increasingly more mobile lifestyle. Some in their daily work, others in their free time. They all have the same essential needs such as cooking, keeping food fresh, taking care of personal hygiene, maintaining a pleasant temperature and a supply of energy. The concept for DOMETIC's marine division results from this simple insight: Stay on the ocean - mobile living made easy.
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Equip your vessel with high-quality, powerful marine battery charging technology. Want to buy battery charging technology? In addition to chargers, alternators & regulators, as well as isolating diodes and charging current distributors, you can get everything for your reliable power supply on board in our online shop. SVB has charging technology for boats from leading manufacturers such as VICTRON, MASTERVOLT, STERLING, CRISTEC, DOMETIC and many more.
Battery Charging Technology

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Lucio C. on 01.03.2024

The availability of a huge number of items on a single web site is certainly a major advantage. The order was processed rather quickly and the status of the different steps until delivery to door shared timely with the customer. Recommended.

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Mark W. on 01.03.2024

So glad I found this company online. Shipping to Ireland is exceptionally fast. Can be difficult to get certain marine parts in this country but so far Im delighted with the service

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Danijel U. on 01.03.2024

Very good