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International has been developing paints designed to protect, maintain and enhance the performance of all types of motor boats and sailing yachts since 1856. No matter which part of the world you're in, International offers high quality yacht paints for both above and below the waterline. This includes antifouling paints, primers, clear coats and many other protective products for the yacht and marine industry.

International Antifouling Paint for the underwater hull


Self-polishing antifouling

Self-polishing antifouling paints (International Cruiser / Micron / Trilux) are mostly used for slower sailing yachts. This type of antifouling is unique in that it is self-polishing. The antifouling paint is water-soluble and becomes thinner and thinner as it moves through the water, so there is always fresh biocide on the surface.

Thin film antifouling

Thin-film antifoulings (International VC 17m / VC17m EXTRA) do not release their active ingredients into the water, but rather create a very smooth surface that makes it difficult for organisms to attach to. Furthermore, the smooth surface improves boat speed, makes acceleration faster and reduces fuel consumption. If you regularly maintain your boat, you can prevent fouling and damage all in one. In our antifouling guide we give you hints and tips on how to apply antifouling successfully to your yacht and help you choose the right paint, tools and protective clothing.

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Effective anti-fouling protection for your boat's hull

With a regular antifouling coating you can effectively protect your boat's hull from harmful sediments or mussel growths. It is important to know which antifouling was last used. If the antifouling is still in a good condition, simply clean the surface and reapply the same type of antifouling. SVB offers you a wide range of antifouling paints from International:


Hard antifouling

International hard antifouling (International Ultra / VC Offshore EU), is a fast drying, hard biocide that is particularly suitable for faster sailing yachts and motorboats. Simply paint the hull with it and avoid unwanted water organisms from settling. The antifouling paint is water-soluble and becomes thinner and thinner as it moves through the water, so there is always fresh biocide on the surface.

International Antifouling Paint for the underwater hull

High gloss boat varnish, clear wood varnish and deck paint

1-component boat paints (International Topcoat / Super Gloss / Interdeck) compared to 2-component boat paints have the advantage that they are cheaper and easier to apply. 2-component paints (International Perfection) consist of a base and a hardener. Both are mixed before painting, which gives the paint its full effect. 2-component yacht paints are particularly hard and retain their gloss for longer than single-component boat paints. If you are not put off by the slightly higher purchase price compared to 1-component boat paints and are confident in applying it, you will enjoy shiny results for a long time.

International boat paints High gloss boat varnish
Clear varnish

Clear varnish

Almost all transparent clear coats from International (International Original / Compass / Schooner) can be used outdoors and indoors, have very good to excellent UV protection and are specially manufactured for use on boats and yachts. International also offers 1 or 2 component clear coats in its product portfolio. The tried and tested 2-component high-gloss International Perfection Plus clear varnish is available in the SVB online shop in 0.75 litre or large 2.25 litre pots.

International clear varnish

Large sizes for professional application

These products have been specially developed for shipyards and specialist companies for boat restoration and painting. Due to the specific application methods required and sizes of 5 to 20 litres, the International Professional range of paint products are not suitable for private users, but only by professionals authorised to use professional paint products for boats.

Filler and epoxy resin
Boat and yacht paints
Large sizes for professional application
International® ( is one of the world's leading manufacturers of high-quality paints and preservatives for the yacht and marine industry. Since 1856 International® has been developing painting solutions to protect, enhance performance and maintain the value of all types of boats. These include high-quality yacht paints for both above and below the waterline such as antifouling paint, primer, clear coat, topcoat, thinners and other solutions for the protection and care of sailing yachts and motorboats. As part of AkzoNobel (, International® is trusted by customers worldwide.