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LIQUI MOLY Marine supplies the highest-quality lubricants and additives for recreational boating and commercial use in Europe. The owner benefits from decades of experience and the expertise of knowledgeable engineers and continuous technical innovations.
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Since 1982, Yachticon has been leading the market in maintenance and care products for yachts and caravans. The company offers a wide-variety of specialized cleaners for yachts, motorboats and inflatable vessels. Their range of products also includes: cleaning agents, fabric cleaners, interior cleaners, waterproofing agents, teak cleaners, oils, inflatable dinghy cleaners, sea water shampoo, dish soap and much more...
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In 1973 Star brite founder Peter Dornau launches a polish and releases a commercial featuring a "Junkyard Test", where a scrap car is quickly refurbished to look brand new thanks to Star brite Auto Polish. The unconventional advert gets the desired attention and his polish convinces customers everywhere. Out of one care product, a care series for motor vehicles is created (Star brite Automotive) and boat care (Star brite Marine). From there, no stone is left unturned and more products arrive, from boat cleaner, hull and underwater hull cleaner to bilge cleaner, teak care, textile and plastic care. SVB stocks all necessary Star brite products in order to make your life on board even more brilliant.
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HONDA develops not only automobile engines but also outboard engines for marine use and is considered the largest engine manufacturer in the world. The company was established in 1948 and has grown into a global success. With credit to its own technology, Honda is now considered to be the pioneer of the 4-stroke outboard technology. World-renowned for their reliability and efficiency, Honda outboard engines are easily recognisable by their silver trim and other features.
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VOLVO PENTA, established in 1868, is a provider of propulsion systems and engines for water craft and land vehicles. The world's largest manufacturer of diesel engines for leisure boats is guided by the principle of "easy boating". VOLVO PENTA is constantly working on solutions for even more comfort and fun in boating. Core values of "quality, safety & environmental protection" play a leading role in all areas.
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The ideal base for a long-lasting engine is high-quality oil. As engines become more and more advanced, the demands placed on the oil become higher and higher. The times when oil was used only to lubricate and cool are over. Nowadays it has to withstand high temperatures and pressures. It must also clean the engine of combustion residue, abrasive wear, acids, water and fuel particles. As if that wasn't enough, oil must ensure that the engine is sealed and protect it from corrosion. Learn more about Oils, Grease & Additives... Go to video...
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Andre V. on 04.06.2023

Ordered new portable freezer which was on discount and received unit in Portugal after 10 days due to ground shipping restrictions on weight.

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Frans D. on 03.06.2023

The delivery took a long time, but this is always the case at the Azores! So the evaluation has to he seen in the local context very good!

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Daniel T. on 03.06.2023

Very good service!