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In the event of an emergency at sea, you can request immediate assistance if you carry a marine emergency buoy, such as EPIRB, PLB or AIS MOB equipment. EPIRB stands for Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon, these devices send a satellite-based alarm signal to a central control centre. EPIRBs are also known as Emergency Radio Beacons or Marine Distress Beacons and are suitable for worldwide use. AIS MOB / SART transmitters are a good addition to radio equipment for use in coastal or inland waterways. Learn more about Distress Beacons...

Distress beacons for boats

- Satellite-based alarm signal in an emergency -


PLB stands for Personal Locator Beacon. these devices are registered to the person, not the boat. Registration must be made in the country where you are resident.


AIS MOB / SART devices are best suited for use in coastal or inshore waters. These AIS MOB transmitters send an AIS emergency signal, which can be received by surrounding ships equipped with an AIS receiver. Because they use VHF frequencies, their range depends on the antenna height. We therefore recommend an AIS MOB transmitter in addition to your EPIRB.

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Alexandre G. on 17.08.2022

I have placed a big order and the stuff came well identified and very well packed. In general, the delivery was fast.

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Very fast and professional service, item was carefully packed and fulfilled in time.

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SVB and DHL are a very good combo. Both are reliable partners.