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Stand Up Paddling (SUP) - the new sport for all ages! Our inflatable SUPs can be taken with you wherever you go. Whether on board, for exploring secluded coves, in your luggage on a family holiday or simply in the back of the car for a short detour via the lake on the way home. Discover our affordable stand up paddle board sets for beginners and matching SUP accessories. Learn more about SUP for Boats... Go to video...

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

- SUP - the 'in' sport for young and old -

What is stand up paddling?

When stand up paddling, also known as stand up paddle boarding, or SUP the athlete stands upright on the board and moves forward by paddling from side to side. The sport is closely related to surfing, and in fact, longboards from surfing were used in the beginning. Nowadays, there are as many different types of board to suit many different riding surfing styles. From wave boards to all-rounders this sport is as diverse as its fans. 

Which SUP is the right one for me?

Here are two basic rules for choosing the right board to note:

1. The thicker and wider a stand up paddle board, the more stable it is. This makes it more suitable for beginners.

2. The longer the board is, the greater the distance you'll be able to travel. You'll go faster, easier.

What size your SUP should be depends on the use. A long, narrow board is good for athletes who want to make short trips. So if you've already got some experience and you value speed and performance, this type of board is right for you. If you prefer to take it slower, a wide, short SUP is better and can be used for cruising, SUP yoga or SUP fitness. However, this type of board is good for both beginners and advanced users who want to cover the broadest possible range of uses. SUP is a big thing in sport right now so there are also various race SUPs on the market. However, these are mainly (as the name suggests) suitable for serious athletes. They are not very stable and very narrow. Definitely worth a try, but only if you already have relevant experience with Stand Up Paddling.

iSUP or hardboard

Those who don't live directly on the water usually opt for an inflatable stand up paddle board (so-called iSUP). Inflatable boards are very practical and so appeal to many users. iSUPs have a wide range of possible uses. They can be rolled up and stowed away requiring very little space below deck or in a locker. You can easily carry them to the beach or the next bay in a handy bag on your back. And iSUPs are almost indestructible. Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboards are therefore particularly suitable for families or on board boats. 

On the other hand, a Hardboard is particularly stable and glides more easily through the water. It is more nimble and just a little more sporty. It can also be used for riding the waves. However, there is a higher risk of damage from collisions or accidents due to the comparatively higher weight. This is especially true for the edges of hardboards which can be easily damaged if you are not careful, just as the underwater hull can be easily damaged by contact with stones. We therefore recommend them for serious hobby athletes and sports professionals.

The paddle, usually made of an aluminium pole with a plastic blade, should always be slightly longer than the athlete himself, so that paddling is comfortable, without too much effort.
With a stand up paddle board it is quite possible to cover long distances or simply go exploring on lakes or the coast.

By the way, did you know that almost all stand up paddleboards can be fitted with special SUP seats with our D-rings, which are perfect for longer trips or if you want to fish sitting on your SUP? You can find these in the SUP accessories section.

Why purchase a SEATEC SUP?

Our Seatec SUPs are so called iSUPs, whereby the i stands for inflatable. The SUPs can easily be inflated for each use and then rolled up again for transport and stowed in the supplied bag. But they can also be attached to the railing when inflated. In addition, our affordable SUP starter set contains everything you need for a great day on the water. Seatec SUPs can be stored on your boat or on places as small as the boot of a car or your luggage. Check out our equipment section to find all the extras for your SUP an athlete's heart desires.

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