Interior Trim and Cover Fabrics for Boats

Give your boat a new look - with our interior trim and cover fabrics. RIVIERA boat fabrics have an embossed leather grain and are ideal as imitation leather for outdoor use. TOKYO yacht fabrics feature a velvety soft microfibre fabric with a suede look for the interior of your boat.

Interior trim for boats

- Give your boat a new look with leatherette cover fabric -

Boat fabric - what's important?

Fabrics used on boats must be resistant to UV and mould, impervious to salt residues and easy to clean. Italian brand ITALVIPLA fabrics are specially manufactured for use on boats and each one is perfectly designed to match the upholstery or covering of seating areas and the ceilings and walls of your yacht.

Upholstery fabrics for indoor and outdoor use

Our upholstery fabrics have a thin felt backing, which gives them a softness which is easy to shape, but still tear-resistant. This makes them the ideal upholstery fabric, either as outdoor imitation leather (Riviera) or as soft microfibre fabric for seating areas below deck (Tokyo).

Interior trim for boats

Our ITALVIPLA ceiling and wall covering fabrics have a 4-5 mm foam backing. You can choose between imitation leather with embossed grain (Riviera) and microfibre fabric in suede look (Tokyo). Our special adhesives make it easy to affix these interior coverings to wood, GRP and other absorbent surfaces.

Yacht upholstery fabrics

These hard wearing quilted upholstery fabrics with leather grain are ideal for use as cushioning on the boat! With its soft inner fleece, our boat upholstery fabric not only makes your seating above and below deck a real eye-catcher, but also extremely comfortable. The waterproof upholstery fabric is completely mould resistant, making it perfect for use on board.

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