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Unbelievable but true! You can buy a life jacket for your dog! And there's a good reason to do so. If you spend a lot of time on the water, or take your faithful companion on board with you, you should definitely consider buying a dog life jacket. Because once your dog has gone overboard, it will be very difficult for him to survive without a dog life jacket. A life jacket will help keep your four-legged friend above the water for longer. On top of that, many life jackets for dogs have a handle to lift the dog back on board. With life jackets for small dogs or larger dogs, you can now buy the perfect life jacket for your pooch. See what we have to offer in our online shop!

Dog life jackets

- Why dogs should wear a life jacket on board - 

Whether motorboat, sailboat or stand up paddle board, many dog owners cannot bear the thought of leaving their 'best friend' at home when they are on the boat. Even if most dogs can swim well, it can be just as dangerous if your four-legged friend falls or jumps into the water as it is for a person. Both represent a serious risk to life. A situation like this will be a big test of your dog's stamina, and he could be dragged along by the current or pulled down by undercurrents. With a life jacket on, your dog has a much better chance of rescue.

Several factors play a role in the successful rescue of your dog. And a dog life jacket will help you get him back if he goes overboard. 

For a dog life jacket to do its job it first needs to fit well and give your dog the comfort and freedom of movement he needs when running, swimming and playing, so he can tolerate wearing a dog life jacket. With an adjustable belt system, a foam life jacket can be perfectly adjusted to the shape of your dog's body. Apart from having adequate buoyancy, a grip on the back is especially important for dog life jackets so that you can get your four-legged friend back on board after a jump or fall into the water. With its neon colour and reflective strips on the life jacket, your dog will be clearly visible and easier to see even in cloudy weather or darkness. Some dog life jackets have a D-ring so that you can secure your dog to the boat with a lifeline.

What size life jackets for dogs?

Our life jackets for dogs are available in sizes from Yorkshire Terrier to Saint Bernard in Standard or Professional versions. The Professional life jacket also has a D-ring for attaching a lifeline. Life jackets for dogs are made of soft foam material. Make sure that the buoyancy aid fits snugly so that your pet does not feel restricted in its movement. The dog life jacket's harness system should have two waist straps and an additional fastening around the abdomen. The straps should be wide enough so that they do not cut in and the dog can also be easily retrieved.

The best thing to do is buy a life jacket that matches your dog's body size. In most cases, it can be adjusted by buckles on the straps. You can then rest assured, knowing that your pet will be back with you on your boat in one piece.

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