Railing Bolsters

Want to replace your old, sun-faded guardrail cushion? Or maybe you're looking for a kapok bolster cushion for added comfort on deck? You'll find the right option in our SVB shop

Durable and robust: our bolster cushions

Our bolsters and rail cushions are available in various colours and always the best quality. Just like our seat cushions and maritime pillows, these bolsters also come with a kapok fibre filling, which makes them waterproof. Kapok fibre is impressively resitant to the rough conditions of the sea, without compromising on comfort. Find out about the benfits of kapok in our comprehensive Kapok guide. Buy one of these sustainable, hard-wearing, tough and floatable bolsters or rail cushions and always have a comfy place you can sit or lean on to relax and enjoy the sun! Cases made from 100% cotton. They also make great travel pillows. Take them to places where humidity is high, no problem for these cushions. 

Do you want to buy a bolster? Take a look and find the bolster that's right for you. We have both long bolsters and round bolsters. Give your boat a comfort boost.

In addition to these great bolsters, you can find comfortable seat cushions and stylish decorative cushions in our shop.

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Sergei S. on 31.03.2023


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Topi K. on 31.03.2023

Ordering was easy and delivery was fast.

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Perfect delivery!