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Used in a variety of ways on your boat, teak gratings are practical to have in your bathroom, on deck and anywhere on board where you would like a walk-on, elegant wood covering where water should easily drain away. A teak grating will give your boat a classic, maritime look. And a marine teak grating will also give you optimal load distribution. Want to buy a teak shower grate to customise your shower cabin, deck and more? SVB has high-quality teak gratings for self assembly as well as pre-sized gratings ready for installation!

What is a teak wooden grating?

- The original use of teak grating -

A teak grating is used on classic yachts as a covering for the floor and also serves as a walk-on wooden grating in modern yachts, bathrooms, in mobile homes, in saunas or in outdoor areas. Teak was used as anti-slip flooring in several areas of ships as a natural, water-repellent material in the past, and it is still popular today as a wooden gangway or swimming plateau, for example. Teak wooden gratings are not slippery when wet.

Why buy a grating for boats?

- The benefits of a teak grating -

If you want to buy wooden grating for outdoor use, teakwood block grids are just the ticket. Just like in the past on classic boats, if you have any deck hatches, these can be fitted with a teak grating, for example the ARC TEAK Grating / square, as a hatch cover grating that lets both light and air pass through. They also make great floor coverings on many yachts, as water can easily drain through the small holes. These small cuboid holes give the grating excellent drainage and non-slip properties. Just as the earlier use of gratings changed boat building, today they are available in even more robust materials such as plastic or metal, which are used in a variety of places where water can collect and pose a problem - for example on stairs in outdoor areas.


What can you make yourself with gratings?

- A deck or shower grating? -

The gratings for boats that we offer can also be used for your shower cubicle, toilet area, cockpit or as a bathing platform. Ready-made gratings in various sizes, such as the ARC Self-Assembly Grating, have everything you need for Do-It-Yourself projects on board or for your next outdoor grating project. The grating profile can be flexibly assembled with the high-quality teak board and the frame profile. Each individual component is available by the piece and can be easily cut to size. Get your idea up and running in the simplest way with teak grating kits from ARC, there are countless designs that you can construct yourself with their gratings! SVB offers you a choice of different formats: round gratings, square gratings, rectangular gratings and individual components for every floor shape and every application!

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When buying teak for boats online, we recommend the appropriate boat equipment needed for regular care and maintenance of your teak gratings, which is essential if you want it to last and keep its beauty. We have the matching teak wood and care products available for just that. Still not found the right Teak Plank or Rounded Moulding for your boat? Take a look in our categories for Teak furniture for boats and find what you're looking for!

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