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As the name suggests, hard antifouling forms a tough, sandable surface and is particularly hardwearing. For this reason, this antifouling is ideally suited for boats with long berthing times, high-speed yachts or trailer boats. Buy and use hard antifouling and provide long-lasting protection against hull fouling even when the boat is not moved for long periods of time.

Definition: Hard Antifouling

- What kind of boat is hard antifouling suitable for? - 

Hard antifouling is recommended for boats with long lay times, trailer boats and sport boats with speeds of up to 70 knots. Hard antifouling should also be applied in waters where boats or yachts run dry.
The surface polishes and does not rub off. These kinds of antifouling form a harder layer than other types.
Hard antifouling provides the hull with long lasting protection, despite long lay times without movement. The effect of the biocides only begins in the water, so the boat can easily stay in winter storage for days or weeks.

How does hard antifouling work?

With hard antifouling, the surface dries out after application forming a hard, sandable surface. The binding agent, also called matrix, is insoluble to water. This layer usually contains the bioactive substances that will protect your hull from fouling. The effect of the biocides only begins in the water, which is why the boat can easily stay in winter storage for days or weeks.
The active ingredients are released from this matrix, leaving the empty binding agent residue at the end. 

How often should hard antifouling be applied?

Experts recommend re-applying the antifouling coating once every year. However it is possible to apply several layers at once in order to make the boat endure several seasons. Find out beforehand whether this is recommended for your chosen product.

Find the right hard antifouling for you now

There is no one-stop antifouling product that is suitable for all underwater surfaces. Product choice will vary, depending on factors such as the conditions of the water, the boat, the speed and more.
You should also find out which underwater paint was used by the previous owner of a used boat. Make sure you find this out before taking ownership of any second-hand vessel and before buying hard antifouling yourself.
If you are unsure which is the right antifouling for your boat, please give us a call or ask at your home marina.

Further information can be found in our Antifouling-Guide.

Buy hard antifouling at a great price in our SVB online shop and have it delivered to your home port.

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