Electric Cable Customization

Electric Cable Customization

Dear customers, please note that we cannot process with used or material provided by you. Thanks for your understanding.

Looking for a specific cable? Then you are exactly at the right place. We offer the personalized service of a professional cable assembly and pressing. Order your individual solution now!

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We offer professional fitting and pressing for installation cables. The pressing will be made with special tools and guarantees an optimal connection. Each swaging will be furnished with a shrinkable tubing.

A professional finish is important, because due to inadequately crimped lugs, contact resistances appears as well as power losses. This can lead to loose connections and poses an enormous fire danger.

What kind of electrical cable do you need?

We offer packing and pressing according to your wishes. Send us the datasheet for electrical cable filled out with your dimensions.

SVB helps you to realize your projects!

Your idea is in good hands with us - no matter the project you have in mind, SVB has competent planning assistance and the right service to realise all your individual ideas.

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