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Mobile living made easy Before you set out in your boat or yacht to enjoy the most precious weeks of the year, it’s worthwhile having a look at our Dometic world. Here’s where you can find everything that makes life on board easier and more convenient: refrigerators and cooling boxes for your food items, space-saving kitchen devices, comfortable sanitation solutions, and smart electronic accessories for reliable mobile energy supply.

Even Einstein thought this was cool

How it all began …

It’s the year 1919. Baltzar von Platen and Carl Munters, two young Swedish engineering students, had the crazy idea of using heat to create a cooling effect. After many long days (and even longer nights) they managed to design a cooling cabinet with no compressor, no moving parts – and no ice. In 1923 the cabinet was granted a patent. Even the great Albert Einstein was impressed, calling their invention a “stroke of genius”.

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Energy on board – supplied by Dometic

Sailing in remote waters, miles away from the nearest power source, yet always knowing you have enough energy on board to run your appliances … Mobile energy systems by Dometic take care of this.

Battery chargers

Ideal for use in boats and yachts: Dometic battery chargers are ultra-compact, easy to install and simple to use. For demanding start-stop batteries, we recommend the 12-volt premium chargers in the PerfectCharge MCP range. They feature microprocessor-controlled, 8-stage charging technology and can be operated intuitively with just one button. The tried and tested chargers in the PerfectCharge MCA series operate with a 6-stage charging cycle, which is both extremely fast and gentle. Suitable for all battery types (wet, gel and AGM batteries).

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Dry your hair, make an espresso, watch TV – as you would at home. Travel with all the comforts you love. Dometic SinePower inverters provide the perfect voltage. Simply select the model to suit your wattage requirements and your idea of comfort!

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DOMETIC Pantry – hobs, ovens, sinks and more

Cooking on board

Cooking in the confined space of a boat can be a real challenge. Dometic offers many clever solutions to make the best possible use of the available galley space. Take the hot selling hob/sink combinations with a glass lid for instance. When dinner is ready and the washing up is done, the lid can be folded down to extend the worktop area. Those with a larger galley will of course also find a fully fledged oven with a hob and grill in the Dometic kitchen collection.

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Millions of people all over the world are using Dometic products. They all share the passion for freedom and independence on the move – whether as a skipper, motorhomer, trucker or just a lover of the great outdoors. Dometic is a global company that makes mobile living easy – by providing great solutions to satisfy people’s essential needs when they are on the move. Like cooking, taking care of personal hygiene and maintaining a pleasant temperature. Dometic offers smart and reliable products with outstanding design.