Windscreen Wipers for Boats

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Finding the right windscreen wiper
If your windscreen wiper squeaks and creaks or no longer moves smoothly on the windscreen, it is probably the right time to change it. In most cases, simply replacing the wiper blade is all that needs to be done, only occasionally must the entire wiper arm be replaced. If you wish to replace the complete wiper system, we offer wiper motors from ROCA and wiper accessories, such as wiper controllers that can be used to drive individual wipers for small side windows or several parallel wiper arms for particularly large windows.

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Janko S. on 26.09.2022

I ordered you delivered always in time!

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ANTONIO C. on 26.09.2022

This was fast!!!

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Dimitris T. on 23.09.2022

I am a regular customer, Always satisfied