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The company GLEISTEIN is celebrating its 200th birthday this year and can look back on a long and successful history. Not only is it Bremen's oldest industrial family business, but also market leaders as an innovative manufacturer of performance ropes for yachts, superyachts and other applications such as commercial shipping and industrial applications. With a team of around 250 staff at two of Europe’s most modern manufacturing facilities, GLEISTEIN produces a wide-variety of rigging, from thin twine to oil rig anchoring.
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LIROS - the rope experts from northern Bavaria. All rope and cordage products that leave the LIROS facilities are made in Germany. Already in the fifth generation, since its founding in 1854, the company produces high-quality rope constructions, which are mainly used in industry and sports, with a great deal of expertise and entrepreneurial spirit.
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After 75 years of hard work, Blue Wave is still a family business, carrying on the same traditions into its third generation. The company is one of the largest manufacturers of sailing accessories worldwide.Their product range includes items such as: rigging screws, bolts, wire ropes, terminals and eye plates.
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SEATEC - choose quality at an affordable price. SVB's own brand, SEATEC, was established in 1998 in order to serve the needs of water sports enthusiasts and offer quality products at unbeatable prices.
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Antal - Made in Italy. Since 1977, Antal has been developing and producing high quality deck hardware products, such as: self-tailing winches, halyard winches, blocks and traveller systems. The complete design and manufacturing processes of Antal products takes place in Padova, Italy. This is done in order to maintain full control over the brand's high quality standards, as well as to ensure a high degree of safety on board. Antal is the ideal brand for your sailboat! The Italian fascination with sailing and water sports can be found in every piece of Antal technology.  
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Ropes are indispensable on board and, just like anchors, fenders and cleats, are part your yacht's basic equipment. Ropes are used for various purposes on the boat - starting from the mooring line for docking, sheet ropes and halyards for the sails, fender lines, tow lines and even the shackles for the ropes themselves. Learn more about Rigging...

Rigging for Sailboats & Motorboats

- Which rope is the right rope for my boat? -

Different types of rope with different amounts of stretch are required for each individual purpose on board. Unfortunately, a universal rope doesn't exist for every purpose on board.

The mooring line - The line that every boat needs, no matter what!

What is the purpose of a mooring line?

This rope is needed to moor the boat to the berth. It doesn't matter whether the vessel is large or small, or if it's a sailboat or a motorboat, because every boat has to be moored in the harbour or docked on the quayside at some point in time. The mooring line must be able to withstand a significant amount of physical stress over a long period of time without any issues occuring. You can find out which material is best suited for mooring ropes, what length and diameter they should have and how many of them you should have on board in our mooring line guide

Halyards and sheet ropes for your yacht

Halyards and sheet ropes must have entirely different characteristics than the mooring line. When selecting the perfect sheet rope or ideal halyard, the type of boat you have and the amount of load needed to be handled are important factors to consider. A sheet rope has to perform well in the wind, with as little loss as possible! Our range of products includes: high-performance Dyneema® ropes, all-rounder ropes for sailing enthusiasts, as well as entry-level ropes at low prices, in many different colours and diameters. Find out about the requirements that ropes for halyards and sheets must meet and what to look out for when buying them in our rope guide

Rigging made to measure - quick and affordable

Do you need customised cutting done for your rigging? For ready-made halyards and sheets, eye or thimble splices or a special leather coating of your rope - we can have it done for you! Need rope for the trades, industry, commercial shipping or offshore sailing? No matter what type of rope you need, we can manufacture it with the optimal splicing and cable connections. We also offer custom constructions of all common materials, up to a diameter of 200 mm.

The advantages of splicing

What is the purpose of rope splicing?

Splicing work cannot be replaced by any modern technology. Performed professionally to produce a durable, smooth connection between two rope ends by braiding the individual strands. This is break-proof and cannot be detached. Compared to a simple knot, splicing greatly increases the breaking load and, consequently, the life of ropes. This is why splices are not only used for boats and yachts. Lifting and lashing techniques are based on splices which support heavy loads. Similarly, hot air balloon rides would not be possible without splices. Climbing nets or other playground equipment also incorporate splicing into their designs. In winter sports, they are used for chair lifts and gondolas. Splices are often used in the private sector for roller shutters, sunshades or for towing cars.

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