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SEATEC - choose quality at an affordable price. SVB's own brand, SEATEC, was established in 1998 in order to serve the needs of water sports enthusiasts and offer quality products at unbeatable prices.
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Products made by Veneziani Yachting have been found on the oceans of the world for more than 150 years. Starting with antifouling, the manufacturer has today, through continuous research, extended its range with a wide range of boat paints. With more than 35 employees, Veneziani Yachting continues to develop more and more effective and efficient products for your boat.
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Since 1982, LALIZAS has been supplying safety equipment and marine accessories for water sports and professional seafaring. Founded by Stavros Lalizas who, himself a passionate sailor, recognized the need for excellent safety equipment at sea and started selling lifejackets on the Greek market. Within just 3 years, the name LALIZAS has become a well-known brand.
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PLASTIMO - Happy boating to you! In 1963 PLASTIMO started in Lorient on the French Atlantic coast with a range of 80 water sports products. Founder of the family business was Antoine Zuliani. Toward the end of the seventies, the figures revealed a lot more: PLASTIMO now sold 2,500 products, had 400 employees and founded its first subsidiary in the UK. Research and development focused on safety and compasses. In 1992 the PLASTIMO Offshore Compass received the French Industrial Design Award. In the mid-nineties PLASTIMO strengthened its reputation as a specialist in safety and pioneered the production of automatic lifejackets.
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Since 1982, Yachticon has been leading the market in maintenance and care products for yachts and caravans. The company offers a wide-variety of specialized cleaners for yachts, motorboats and inflatable vessels. Their range of products also includes: cleaning agents, fabric cleaners, interior cleaners, waterproofing agents, teak cleaners, oils, inflatable dinghy cleaners, sea water shampoo, dish soap and much more...
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Inflatables or dinghies are often the most used boats in water sports. After all, they are a great way to get into water sports, can be used to go fishing, or as a classic tender for your yacht. However you use one, it has many advantages. But before you buy any inflatable boat, you should definitely check whether it is sufficient for your purposes.  In our online shop for inflatable boats you will find almost everything from the classic bathing raft, to slatted floor inflatable boats, RIBs and dinghies that can be purchased with a motor as a set. Learn more about Dinghies...


- Find the perfect inflatable boat for you –

What should I know when buying an inflatable boat?

Dinghy, RIB or rubber boat

When choosing your dinghy, don't just look for a low price. You shoud also check important specifications such as: payload, material thickness, air pressure and type of bottom (should you be looking for a dinghy with motor). In our online shop for inflatable boats you will find almost everything from the classic bathing boat, to slatted floor inflatable boats, RIBs and dinghies that can be purchased with a motor as a set. The hull of an inflatable boat is made of PVC. This is filled with high air pressure which gives it a high degree of stability. Depending on the size and design, the outer wall of an inflatable boat has different material thicknesses. This distinguishes inflatable boats significantly from rubber boats.

We are happy to assist you in choosing the right inflatable boat. So that your next trip will be even better. No matter where you are heading!

What type of floor can inflatable boats have?

Slatted floor, air floor or rigid hull?

The floor of an inflatable boat is what mainly gives it stability on the water and comfort. Compact inflatable boats used primarily as dinghies or bathing boats are mainly made with slatted floors or pure air floors. So do our SEATEC NEMO and YACHTING series boats. Brand new in our range are so-called high-pressure air bottoms, such as those used in our AEROTENDER inflatable boat series, which consist of two high-pressure air chambers that converge to form a V-shape. The biggest advantage of this new type of tender floor is its high stability, despite very light weight. Another type of dhinghy floor, is slated aluminum flooring, which gives your tender stabilty, but at the same time is relatively light and can be easily removed. This keeps the inflatable boat compact and easy to stow. Our SEATEC Series Pro Adventure has an aluminium floor. Probably the most robust inflatable boat bottoms are inflatable boats with rigid hulls. A rigid hull is a solid, double-shell GRP hull that is the most comfortable to sail but the least stowable. Rigid hull inflatable boats from SEATEC are produced in the PRO SPORT, GT SPORT and PRO TENDER series. Dinghies with rigid hulls have the best handling of all the RIBs, plus a wide range of attachment options for more comfort, such as adding a sunshade easily.

Which inflatable boat to buy?

Tenders & dinghys for yachts

Dinghies are very popular as tenders on sailing yachts and large motor boats. They are used to move back and forth between anchor point and harbour. Yacht tenders or larger rubber dinghies can be used to explore the surroundings in anchor bays or, when using paddles or an electric motor, to navigate areas that are under special protection. For example, Lake Starnberg, where the use of inflatable boats with petrol engines is now prohibited. If you want to buy an inflatable boat as a dinghy, you will find a large selection of products in our online shop.

Fishing dinghies

Rubber dinghies can be used for fishing in remote areas that cannot be reached from land. There is no need to pay for a pitch for small inflatable fishing boats and they can easily be transported without a trailer. This is possible either on the roof rack or even in the boot. A fishing dinghy should be made of durable material and have a rigid bottom so that any hooks or knives that fall down do not cause damage. Buying an inflatable boat for fishing is especially appealing if you don't want to get a motorboat licence. Because inflatable boats with motors up to 15 hp can be used without a licence. They can be used to easily reach schools of fish even in the middle of a river or close to the shore of a bay. Special rod holders make it an even better fishing experience. Now you just have to see what bites!

Tip: If you are looking for a small inflatable boat for fishing, we recommend a slatted bottom inflatable boat. If you need a little more space on board, inflatable boats with an aluminium bottom or rigid hull are also suitable. When buying a fishing dinghy, make sure it includes a seat and means of attaching the motor. All our Seatec inflatable boats meet these criteria.

Bathing boats for fun in your free time

Bathing boats are made of particularly light PVC material and are fully inflatable. Compared to fishing and marine inflatable boats, the bottom is not rigid. Our Sevylor bathing boat is designed for up to 3 people and has a maximum payload of 250 kg. The Sevylor Super Caravelle inflatable boat is 2.65 m long and has a circumferential tether. It can be used both as a rowing boat and with a small outboard motor up to 3 HP. If you are thinking of buying a bathing boat, this model gives you complete flexibility.

Floor constructions of inflatable boats

Children's boats & bathing boats have a simple bottom made of reinforced plastic, which does not offer great stability, but saves weight. Various floor constructions are available in our online shop for high-quality inflatable boatsfor the following models, all of which have their advantages and disadvantages:

- Inflatable boats with air floors

- Inflatable boats with slatted floor

- Rigid hull inflatable boats

Dinghy for paddling or with motor

All inflatable boats in our online shop are supplied with two paddles, but can also be operated with an outboard motor. Rubber dinghies with outboard motors up to 15 HP can be driven in Germany without a boat licence. Our inflatable boats can be motorised from 3.3 to 50 HP, depending on the model. Discover our complete dinghy sets with motor.

What size should my dinghy be?

Inflatable boats for 2 people

If you are looking for a 2 person inflatable boat, a slatted floor inflatable boat, e.g. Nemo 230 or Yachting 225 is the right size inflatable boat for you. Both models can be used with a payload of up to 300 kg. The compact Seatec boats have a length of 2.25 m and are ideal as inflatable boats for 1 - 2 people with a child or additional luggage.

Inflatable boats for 3 people

You're spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a 3 person inflatable boat. If you are looking for a compact, easily transportable inflatable boat for 3 people, you can go for the Seatec Yachting 250 slatted floor inflatable boat for 3 people. Also compact and easy to transport, but with even more stability, is an inflatable boat with an air bottom from the Aerotend series. For 3 people, the Aerotend 240 or the Aerotend 260 are suitable. As a rigid hull model you can choose between an aluminium hull boat like the Pro Adventure 240 or a RIB (rigid hull inflatable boat) like the Pro Tender 220.

Inflatable boats for 4 people

For an inflatable boat to carry 4 people, it must be relatively large and sturdy. For 4 people we offer exclusively rigid hull inflatable boats. You can choose between four models from the Seatec Pro Sport Series. The inflatable boats of the Seatec Pro Adventure series are even designed for up to 4.5 people and have an aluminium floor.

Inflatable boats for 5 people

5 person inflatable boats are the largest inflatable boats you will find in our online shop. These so-called RIBs (Rigid Inflatable Boats) are exclusively the fixed hull inflatable boats GT Sport 330 with a length of 3.28m and designed as GT Sport 410 with 4.05m.

Why should I buy a SEATEC inflatable boat?

For the production of our Seatec inflatable boats we work together with a very competent and experienced manufacturer. As with all Seatec products, not only do we insist on the best quality for our own brand inflatable boats, but we also make sure they are available at an unbeatable price. Our Seatec boats are manufactured under particularly strict regulations. Every stage in the construction process is subjected to a quality control. All inflatable boats have their own serial number, which can be found as a hull identification number on the data plate. Only high grade materials are used in the production, which have been specially developed for the manufacture of inflatable boats.

What material are Seatec inflatable boats made of?

Our Seatec inflatable boats are made of a special 5-layer PVC (polyvinyl chloride) with a synthetic fibre (polyester) fabric insert. PVC is the most used material for inflatable boats. The fabric has 1100 Decitex (the thickness of the thread and thus tear resistance) and is very stable. It is covered on the inside and outside with an adhesive layer which serves as a carrier for a double-sided PVC coating. This keeps the inflatable boat light and robust. The PVC used is specially developed for the production of inflatable boats and has been tried and tested for years. The boat skin weighs approx. 850 g/m². The maximum tensile force (the strength of the fabric) is 2500 N / 5 cm. A Seatec inflatable boat has a material thickness of 0.5 mm. The material used for production comes from Germany.

Included with delivery of Seatec inflatable boats

Our inflatable boats are delivered deflated. An air pump, transport bag (except for RIBs), two oars and a repair kit are included in every delivery. Further spare parts or additional equipment for our dinghies can be found in our online shop under the category Accessories for inflatable boats.

Where can I buy an inflatable boat?

Dinghy store on site:

In our shop in Bremen you will find an assortment of inflatable boats. Come and see the quality of our products for yourself. Compare the different dinghy models and sizes and get an impression of material, stability and colours. You can find us and our inflatable boats in Bremen here.

Buy your dinghy in Berlin, Hamburg or Munich - we deliver your inflatable boat to any harbour. No matter where you are!

Buy an inflatable boat online

Buying an inflatable boat has never been so easy. In our online shop you will find all our inflatable boats with detailed pictures of all features, dimensions, technical information, inflatable boat accessories and operating instructions. Choose comfortably at home or wherever you are and then you can use your dinghy all over the world.  

Inflatable boat shipping

Depending on the size of the dinghy purchased, the dinghy will be shipped by DHL or forwarding agent. We ship all over the world. Want to buy your inflatable boat for use in Berlin or Croatia online with us? No problem. You can find our delivery costs and shipping conditions here.

What are the different manufacturers of inflatable boats?

Besides our own brand Seatec, there are of course many other manufacturers of inflatable boats. Whether you want to use your dingy as a yacht tender or bathing boat plays an important role in the choice of manufacturer. A simple rubber boat does not have to meet the same criteria as an RIB that is subjected to frequently changing conditions. Probably the best-known manufacturer is the French inflatable boat producer ZODIAC. It is so well known, especially on the French market, that ZODIAC is often used as a synonym for inflatable boat. If you want to buy a good alternative to a Zodiac inflatable boat, the brands Bombard and Wiking can also be found on the inflatable boat market. In 1952, the German company Wiking launched its first inflatable boat. Bombard inflatable boats can be traced back to the Frenchman Alain Bombard who "voluntarily shipwrecked" under the most difficult conditions and crossed the Atlantic in a inflatable boat. If you don't want to buy a Bombard inflatable boat, but a high-quality and affordable alternative, you will find a large selection of RIBs, dinghies and yacht tenders in our online shop.

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