RAB Pro Adventure 310 Tender / Aluminium Floor / 4.5 Person / 3.07 m / Motorise up to 14.7 kW

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Item no.
Model no.
SEATEC RAB - Pro Adventure 310
Aluminium Floor
Number of Persons
495 kg
5-layer PVC with polyester fabric inlay
Material Thickness
0,7 mm
Air chamber
420 mm
Air Pressure
0,25 bar
Max. Motor Power
20 PS
Max. Motor Weight
60 kg
Transom Height
390 mm
Shaft Height
Short shaft
3.07 m
1.59 m
Net Weight
58 kg
Dark blue/white
Incl. Motor
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Product description

Let the adventures begin! The stable inflatable boats of the SEATEC PRO ADVENTURE series convince with their aluminum flooring and high-quality, weather-resistant polyurethane coatings, making them suitable for professional use in demanding conditions.
The 2.40 m and 2.70 m versions are equipped with a single-shell, V-shaped aluminum hull. All models feature 3 air chambers, recessed "Halkey Roberts" valves, circumferential skirting boards, double-sided grip lines and are supplied with an aluminum bench and 2 sturdy, collapsible aluminum paddles.

Standard features:
  • 3 air chambers
  • Recessed "Halkey Roberts" valves
  • 2 stable, collapsible paddles made of aluminum with plastic fins
  • 3 handles, two at the stern and one at the bow
  • Towing eyes in the bow area
  • Circumferential skirting board
  • Double-sided grip line
  • Aluminum seating board

Technical data :
Colour white / dark blue
Bow design modern (MX)
Seat 1
Towing eyelets / eyebolts 1/3
Length 3.07 m
Width 1.59 m
Length (inside) 2.12 m
Width (inside) 0.71 m
Tube diameter 42 cm
Air chamber 3 pieces
Packing dimensions (L x W x H) 279 x 111 x 47 cm
Empty weight 58.0 kg
Air pressure 0.25 bar
Max. engine power 14.7 kW / 20 hp
Max. engine weight 60 kg
Recommended Shaft Length
Short shaft
Transom Height (cm)
39 cm
Max. load 495 kg
Carrying capacity 4.5


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Technical question

User image of Pertti K.
Pertti K. asked
on Mar 28, 2018
How thick is the aluminium hull on SEATEC RAB Pro Adventure 310?
User image of Sven W.
Sven W. answered
on Dec 28, 2018
Dear Pertti, the aluminium hull has got a thick of 3,0 mm. Your SVB-team.
User image of Pertti K.
Pertti K. asked
on May 25, 2018
What is the actual weight of this dinghy? Is it 58 kg as per description or 83 kg as per the manual?
User image of Olli K.
Olli K. answered
on May 28, 2018
Based on size, 310 version must be 83kg as in the manual. ps. olen tuomassa tuollaista Suomeen kesäkuun alussa, kyytiin mahtuu toinenkin jakamaan kuljetuskustannuksia jos kiinnostaa.
User image of Pertti K.
Pertti K. answered
on Jun 23, 2018
En ole tuomassa Suomeen. 83 kg vaikuttaa melko paljolta. Muut vastaavat noin 60 kg. Kerro jos selvisi todellinen paino. Kiitokset etukäteen ja hyvää kesää.
User image of Olli K.
Olli K. answered
on Jun 25, 2018
Paketti saapui, pakkauspahvit ei kymmentä kiloa enempää tehneet joten arvelisin ~80 kiloa olevan aikalailla todellinen paino. Kääntää maissa helposti yhden miehen voimin, kantamiseen olisi leveyden vuoksi hyvä olla kolme. Plaanaa hinauksessa kuuden solmun jälkeen kone perässä, tyhjänä kelluu ponttoonit ilmassa.
User image of Jasmin S.
Jasmin S. answered
on Aug 29, 2018
Dear Paketti, the weight of 58 kg is correct for the tender itself. 83 kg is the weight of the tender with all accessories (paddles, bench, etc) and its packaging.
User image of Grigory G.
Grigory G. asked
on Jun 22, 2018
Please help me to choose appropriate outboard shaft length for RAB Pro adventure 310. Looking for HONDA 10HP. Thank you!
User image of Pertti K.
Pertti K. answered
on Jun 23, 2018
It is most likely the short version.
User image of Grigory G.
Grigory G. answered
on Jun 23, 2018
OK thank you ! But what is the purpose for long shaft?
User image of Olli K.
Olli K. answered
on Jun 25, 2018
I have short shaft and it seems to be appropriate. Pls share your 10 hp experiense, I have lightweight 2-stroke 6hp (makes 11 knots) which seems to be far too small in case of more than 1 adult on board and currently looking for more horsepower.
User image of Grigory G.
Grigory G. answered
on Jun 25, 2018
OK I will, as soon as I try it!:)
User image of João P.
João P. asked
on Apr 11, 2019
Hello. On the description it is stated that the 240 and 270 versions have a single piece aluminium hull, in this version, 310, the hull is divided or is also a single piece? Many thanks
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General question

User image of Andrea S.
Andrea S. asked
on May 22, 2019
Pls someone has experience with this product : Seatec RAB PRO adventure 310 Cod. 55797 (tender) I want know how the aluminium keel work. It's a good produc t? Thanks to all
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everything was very good.
about satisfaction I have not yet used it.
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This rating belongs to item no. 55797

Don't waste your money.
I bought this inflatable because it was the only one available to me at the time on short notice.
I have been using it now for 6 months as our tender to a sailing boat sailing all over the Med.
Things that are great about it? Nothing I can think of.
Things that are bad about it?
1. It sits way too low in the water with the outboard on it. It is so low that you can't reverse the boat with out water slooshing over the transom.
2. The drain hole in the transom is way too high. It doesn't allow you to drain the water out of the boat. Because the hull sits too low in the water, even on a plan, the drain is fouled by the forward spray and pressure of the outboard leg, meaning the water cannot drain from the dinghy hull. We have finally sealed up the existing drainhole and installed a 12V pump to empty the bilge. Very disappointing result.
3. The seat a. falls out of the holder built into the pontoons, and there is no way of keeping it in place. and b. it is way too high- It is impossible to row the dinghy without hitting your legs with every stroke.
4. The locker in the bow is not sealed from the bilge, so as soon as the bilge inevitably fills with water, everything in the locker becomes waterlogged. Stupid construction.
5. The hull and pontoons join leaked when brand new. I filled the hull a few inches with water when new and the water leaked out. Unbelievable.
6. The fibreglass pontoon aft end plates are poorly made and installed- The step part is angled the wrong way, resulting in them always having stagnent water pooling in them, then evaporating and staining the gelcoat.
7. The floor is so thin that whenever you step on it, it buckles audibly, and it is only a matter of time before metal fatigue causes cracks to develop.
8. The polypropolyne handles have been so poorly made, that the first time I grabbed one, it came apart in my hand.

Truly, this is by far, the worst dinghy I have ever owned, and I highly recommend you don't waste your money on this Chinese junk.

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