Air Pumps & Air Pressure Gauges for Inflatable Boats

Need an air pump for your new inflatable boat? Our foot pumps are ideally suited for smaller inflatable boats with slatted floor, aluminium or rigid hull. For AEROTEND inflatable boats with inflatable floors, a high pressure foot pump is required. For inflating larger inflatable boats we recommend an electric pump.

Inflating the dinghy

- Air pumps and air pressure gauges for your inflatable boat -

Which air pump is best for inflating a dinghy?

Our Seatec foot pumps are perfect for smaller inflatable boats. We recommend our Seatec high-pressure foot pump for Aerotend inflatable boats. Most of our small inflatable boats come with a suitable foot pump. Pressure gauges are available for our foot pumps for measuring the air pressure at the pump or the dinghy. An electric pump is recommended for larger inflatable boats or if you want to inflate your dinghy quickly. We recommend using a foot pump at the end to ensure even pressure. Never use a compressor to inflate your inflatable boat! The high pressure can damage your dinghy's seams and dividing lines.

How do I inflate a dinghy?

Unroll the dinghy onto a clean, flat surface and spread it out. Partially inflate the individual chambers to about half via the respective valves one after the other. Start with the tubes on the left and right and only inflate the front connecting part at the end. For slatted floor inflatables, make sure the floor plates are positioned correctly and put the seatboard in place. Then inflate the boat fully, changing valves at regular intervals to maintain air balance between the different chambers. Never inflate one chamber fully in one go. This can damage the partition walls of the inflatable boat. The normal pressure in the rubber boat air chambers is 0.25 bar. The normal pressure of the air floor of our Aerotend inflatable boats is 0.8 bar.

My inflatable boat is losing pressure.
What can I do?

After a few days an inflatable boat can lose pressure. A pressure drop of 20% within 24 hours is considered normal according to ISO 6185. Before each time you use your inflatable boat, check the firmness of the air chambers and pump up if necessary. Strong sunlight increases pressure considerably, cool air can significantly reduce the pressure. If the altitude is likely to change after inflating the dinghy (for example if you want to use it on a mountain lake), reduce the air pressure at altitude to avoid overpressure.

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