Dinghies with Motor

Dinghies with motor - we have great offers on Seatec inflatable boats and matching Honda motors in various colours and designs! Learn more about Dinghies with Motor...
The choice is yours:

► Our Nemo 230 for up to 2.5 people with slatted floor in 3 different colors and a Honda 2.3 HP motor
→ The perfect entry-level model for occasional use or as a low-cost yacht tender!

► Our Yachting 225 for up to 2.5 people with slatted floor in different colors and a Honda 2.3 HP motor
→ Ideal for excursions and fishing trips, but also as a dinghy for smaller yachts

► Our Aerotend 260 for up to 3 people with high pressure air floor and a Honda 2.3hp motor
→ The sturdy bottom allows the dinghy to behave almost like a solid hull boat, while having a significantly lower weight and smaller packing dimensions. Ideal for dynamic driving with little space on board!

► Our PRO SPORT 350 for up to 4 people with a solid hull and a Honda 15 hp motor
→ This model offers safety, comfort and driving pleasure even in rough waters!

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Maris C. on 10.08.2020

Piegāde uz Latviju piecas dienas. Viss labi. Paldies!

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Hay J. on 08.08.2020

Happy with SVB. Also good return services!

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Kari B. on 07.08.2020

Thank you -- again -)

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