Gasket for Yanmar and Volvo Penta-Saildrives

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€31.05 This is a NET-price excluding German VAT. Shipments to countries outside of the EU may be subject to import duties and taxes.
Article Number
Model no.
Gasket for Saildrives
31.8 cm
23.8 cm
For Volvo Penta
110, 120, 130, 150
For Yanmar
SD20, SD30, SD31, SD40, SD50
Original part number
854932, 22303438

Product details

Gasket for Saildrive-drivetrains.

Suitable for
  • Volvo Penta Saildrive types 110, 120, 130 and 150
  • Yanmar Saildrive types SD20, SD30, SD31, SD40 and SD50
  • Technodrive Seaprop 60
In OEM quality. Original part no. 854932 and 22303438.
Dimensions (L x W): 318 x 238 mm

Note: Before use, roughen, degrease and remove the wax from the gasket!


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Item no.: 20852
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Tomas J.
by Tomas J. Flag of Czechia 12/18/2020 Verified purchase
EXCELENT services
Very fast comunikation, delivered in time.
Louis P.
by Louis P. Flag of Croatia 5/10/2019 Verified purchase
Delivery was extreem quick!
Maybe the delivery price to Croatia was a little expensive (25 Euro for an EU country) but the time it took to receive the product was impressive. Overall less expensive than to buy it here in a Volvo Penta shop so very happy with your service SVB.
Vielleicht war der Versandpreis nach Kroatien ein wenig teuer (25 Euro für ein EU-Land), aber die Zeit, die für den Erhalt des Produkts benötigt wurde, war beeindruckend. Insgesamt günstiger als hier in einem Volvo Penta-Shop zu kaufen, also sehr zufrieden mit Ihrem SVB-Service.
Carlos G.
by Carlos G. Flag of Portugal 9/27/2018 Verified purchase
Very good
Very good very fast in perfect order
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Technical question

User image of Bruno S.
Bruno S. asked
on Oct 7, 2019
Flag of English Home do you fix the gasket saildrive to the hull?
User image of Olli P.
Olli P. answered
on Oct 8, 2019
I had the gasket fixed to the hull by a professional with the two SVB recommended products: - Sikaflex - 291i Marine Sealant / Filler - MultiPrimer Marine / 30ml Our boat will be raised for winter storage next week, curious to see if the gasket is still there!
User image of Renato T.
Renato T. answered
on Oct 8, 2019
Hi! Sorry, but I not used it yet.... only bought...
User image of Thomas R.
Thomas R. answered
on Oct 8, 2019
You need to be very careful in fixing this to the hull. If it is not done properly it will fall off around the bottom of the sail-drive and cause considerable drag. Your vessel needs to lifted from the water and dry for two to three days before you start the preparation. Take off old gasket and remove all the old glue. Sand down until all old glue is removed and also all old paint that might be under the gasket. If you fail to prepare the surface well it will not stick. Once the sanding is complete then you can begin to apply the adhesive. There are many versions and your boat yard will have the knowledge of the best one to use. My boat yard used an epoxy based glue designed for under water adhesion. Don't know the name of it. Don't use the sikaflex, it does'nt seem to work very well.
User image of Devrim G.
Devrim G. asked
on May 8, 2021
Flag of English I have Jeannaeu Sun Oddesy 409 and the shape of the opening on my boat is round. Can I still use this item to apply to cover the opening? I will appreciate with you response. Thank you.
User image of Girts A.
Girts A. answered
on May 9, 2021
Hi, I have changed the gasket on My Hanse 311, with has a rectangular opening. Distance of the opening was shorter then the oval strengthening line around the sail drive hole. No problem cutting with knife the recess off. The important issue is that the outside perimeter covers with some excess the opening on the boat. For adhesion I used Bostik 2 component adhesive suggested by Volvo Penta and hard push - roller for better pressing of the job. Great result, so. Ģirts, Latvia 2021
User image of Girts A.
Girts A. answered
on May 9, 2021
You should be carefull with adhesive. The one suggested by Volvo Penta is Bostik NE486 and curing agent Bostikure D40. Follow the instructions about layering and time gap between them and pressing/rolling.
User image of Antonio Q.
Antonio Q. asked
on Apr 3, 2022
Flag of English Hello It is common to change only the outside Volvo saildrive gasket #20852 and remain with the inside gasket ? When we should change the inside gasket? Thank you Antonio
User image of Cory V.
Cory V. answered
on Mar 10, 2023
Dear customer, it depends on a lot fo factors. Best is to have a specialist check it out in the yard or marina to assess for you.
User image of Eriks Z.
Eriks Z. asked
on Apr 16, 2022
Flag of English Hi! Which glue you can suggest for this gasket?
User image of Sven W.
Sven W. answered
on Feb 23, 2023
Dear Eriks, you have to use the primer: -#16659#- and Sika: -#16700#-. Please note: "Before use, roughen, degrease and remove the wax from the gasket!" // Yours SVB-team.

General question

User image of MARTIN D.
MARTIN D. asked
on Mar 17, 2021
Flag of English Hello. I´ld lke to buy a 20852 - Gasket for Yanmar and Volvo Penta-Saildrives . I´ve allready place an order and recived an email whit the order number 2440637. That order includes an UPS-Express Shipping service that cost 58 Euros, while the product price is 27,69. My question is if is it possible to get the item send throug a non-express services in order to lower the total price? I´m not in a hurry to get the product, so I can wait 20-30 days if I have to , if that saves me money. Thank you
User image of Cory V.
Cory V. answered
on Oct 11, 2022
Dear customer, please contact us directly as in this case.