Sailology - The makers of the WinchRite ABT (Advanced Brushless Technology) motorised winch crank 
WinchRite is a registered trademark of Sailology LLC, California, USA. The WinchRite ABT motorized winch was developed by sailors for sailors in order to offer a competitively priced, mobile alternative for a permanently installed electric winch. The magazine YACHT presented the WinchRite on the German market true to the motto "battery power instead of muscle power". Learn more about WINCHRITE...
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The practical alternative to cranking

- An everyday boating aid for every sailor-

The magazine YACHT had this to say about electric winches:
Electric winches make life on your yacht much easier, but are a major investment. An electric crank is more economical. The lithium-ion battery powered WinchRite ABT weighs just under three kilograms. Placed inside the fitting of the crank on top of the winch, the user has, according to the manufacturer, up to 110 Newton meters of torque available to operate halyards and sheets at the push of a button. To use both gears of the winch, the WinchRite ABT works in two directions at up to 110 rpm. (Source: YACHT online, Hauke Schmidt, 2 March 2011).

SVB stocks the WInchRite ABT including transport bag and chargers for 230 volts.