Prym stands for high quality and functional products for daily use. The main products offered include needles, yarns, buttons and fastening systems for a wide variety of fabrics.
Prym is a company with a long history - the name was documented for the first time in 1530, when the goldsmith Wilhelm Prym set up his own business in Aachen. Prym manufactured copper and brass products for everday use, and in the mid-19th century developed the first machines for large-scale production of brass, iron and steel products. Learn more about PRYM...

A piece of evolutionary history

- Metalwork over generations -

The company survived through the centuries. The manufactured products are repeatedly adpated to fit current needs and the product range is constantly expanding. Today, the company, based in Stolberg, has over 4,000 employees worldwide and manufactures many products from metal products to sewing needles and microelectronic components.