JOTUN has specialised in protective wood paints, lacquers and powder coatings for over 85 years. Paint for use in the maritime sector must defy the sun, wind and weather. OTUN develops optimal solutions for wooden surfaces that are exposed to constant humidity. With 36 production sites, represented in 19 countries, JOTUN is a global company.  Learn more about JOTUN...
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- A protective coating for your boat -

With his special knack for leadership, JOTUN founder Odd Gleditsch Sr. managed to build a stable and growing business from the paint and ship store, founded in Norway in 1920. The JOTUN founder, Odd Gleditsch, set himself the task of meeting the special requirements for paints or protective wood varnishes that have to defy wind and weather. In 1926, the company was transformed into a corporation and began to produce paint in its own production halls. The company continuously invests in research and new developments, and based on their findings produces contemporary paints for the market.