In 1974, a spell of particularly bad weather meant that professional water skier, Jeff Jobe, was forced to stay indoors and not go out on the water. However, he didn't succumb to boredom and, instead, with a cold beer in hand, he developed the first ideas for a water ski with his name on it. He wanted to create his own brand name and product. So, he started making his dreams become realitiy by developing the first Jobe ski, which he named "Honeycomb". And this ski was just the beginning ...

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THUNDER 1P Tube / Complete-Package
Product image of JOBE THUNDER 1P Tube / Complete-Package
JOBE THUNDER 1P Tube / Complete-Package
129.95 EUR only €109.20
Aqua Shoes
Product image of JOBE Aqua Shoes
JOBE Aqua Shoes
13.95 EUR from €11.72
PERTH SHORTY Wetsuit / blue
Product image of JOBE PERTH SHORTY Wetsuit / blue
JOBE PERTH SHORTY Wetsuit / blue
79.95 EUR from €67.18
PERTH Wetsuit / grey
Product image of JOBE PERTH Wetsuit / grey
JOBE PERTH Wetsuit / grey
99.95 EUR from €83.99
No rating yet
Product image of JOBE Wetsuit PROGRESS REMIX SHORTY
79.95 EUR from €67.18

Jobe adds more fun to your life

- How to make the most of your summer -

For many years, Jobe has become one of the most renowned brands in the field of recreational water sportswear and equipment. Jobe has a wide range of products that have been adapted to your needs and style, while at the same time affordable. JOBE’s team, mainly consisting of athletes, invests a lot of time and energy in developing products. Today, Jobe's wide range includes water skis, wakeboards, wetsuits and much more.

More fun on the water with the JOBE tube HYDRA or with the tube set RUMBLE. Best suited for hot days, beginners and advanced users. Cool down in the water and enjoy every second of your free time. The summer is full of surprises!

Jobe also offer you the right accessories. On colder days, you cannot underestimate the importance of the right wetsuit. A Jobe wetsuit will keep you warm while providing the necessary mobility for all water sports. Good grip on slippery surfaces or on any kind of (surf) board, e.g. Stand-Up-Paddles (SUPs), is no problem at all with JOBE’s Aqua Shoes.

Have an unforgettable summer with Jobe! Our water sport experts are happy to advise you on the right products. Call +49421 57290 – 0 or e-mail