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Harald W.
Flag of Germany Verified purchase
simply good
I use these plugs very often. I changed everything completely so that I only have these plugs on board.
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Ralf J.
Flag of Germany Verified purchase
I've been using it for years. Works very well 3.
Andreas S.
Flag of Germany
Oil Extractor
PELA Oil Extractor View Ratings (118) €75.59
The thing sucks
I pumped out 1x 6 liters of lukewarm oil. Emptied the container. When draining found that the cap is leaking and the oil is leaking next to it. After that, the device built up pressure while pumping, but pumped out almost no more oil. That was nothing
Flag of France Verified purchase
Very good engine
Used for freshwater fishing on a 4m boat (Silurine). Maximum speed 12 km / h with two people on board. For a day of fishing it is better to buy a nurse because the internal tank contains only one liter of gasoline, and it must be filled every hour and a half. We feel some vibrations on the tiller at high revs and it seems a little noisier than its Honda counterpart. Easy to start, it's a great engine.
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Bernd L.
Flag of Germany Verified purchase
makes life easier
Since SVB didn't have the entire system in stock, I bought the components individually, including the associated top block. Instead of a 10mm sheet, I chose an 8mm sheet, which runs even more easily through the blocks
The last few centimeters when hauling in my 35sqm mainsail are now much easier than with the 41 deflection I had before.
On the other hand, you have to take away a lot of material when jibing, but I'm happy to accept that.
Conclusion The system is a success, albeit damn expensive...
Marco P.
Flag of Italy Verified purchase
Water Tank Sensor
BAVARIA Water Tank Sensor View Ratings (6) €38.61
great product
excellent product, and good value for money .... I had a problem with the first piece sent to me, promptly replaced ..
everything OK.
Marc G.
Flag of France Verified purchase
very good product
I used this product to rig a spinnaker pole ring on the mast.
Oliver D.
Flag of Germany Verified purchase
Teak Oil
SIKA Teak Oil View Ratings (1) €17.61
Very good effect, no annoying smell
I applied the oil according to the instructions and let it sink in. There was no unpleasant odor and the protective effect was very good. The wood looked fresh, natural and had a satin finish. I used the oil without added color. There is also a variant that tints the wood - be sure to look for the difference when buying to get the desired result
roger C.
Flag of France Verified purchase
steering wheel
I turn the helm right and the boat goes right, I turn the helm left and the boat goes left, so this product works fine. I am very satisfied.
Matthias W.
Flag of Germany Verified purchase
Compass 100B / H / black
SILVA Compass 100B / H / black View Ratings (6) €147.02
fits perfectly and even saves space
Sven R.
Flag of Germany Verified purchase
Ray 53
everything OK
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pascal G.
Flag of Belgium Verified purchase
I intend to use it as a seat at the chart table. Unfortunately, a part is missing from svb to fix it to the foot found at your place, and I had to contact the competition to obtain the possibility of having it rotating.
Adolf A.
Flag of Austria Verified purchase
Everything great
Adolf A.
Flag of Austria Verified purchase
Jann-Tjado G.
Flag of Germany Verified purchase
Very good hand lamp with a long range. Nothing stands in the way of a night drive.
martial F.
Flag of France Verified purchase
Very good product fast delivery
Udo K.
Flag of Germany Verified purchase
As an antifouling on a steel hull that has previously been painted. The color is more blue than grey
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Christian W.
Flag of Germany Verified purchase
SOLAS Life Jacket Light
SOLAS Life Jacket Light View Ratings (1) €16.76
Not yet tested
I really hope that the SOLAS lifejacket lights will never be used.
The lights were with us quickly after ordering and assembly on the oral valve was easy. The light is firmly attached to the valve, it will not fall off there.
I don't want to try it at sea either.
Bernd B.
Flag of Germany Verified purchase
Bernd B.
Flag of Germany Verified purchase
Floating Winch Handle
LEWMAR Floating Winch Handle View Ratings (21) €54.58
Bernd B.
Flag of Germany Verified purchase
Easy handling
As a genoa winch
Axel H.
Flag of Germany Verified purchase
Pretty tiny
Delivery great as always!
The thing works perfectly but the string to trigger the light is very thin and short. I'm afraid that it will tear in heavy weather.
Axel H.
Flag of Germany Verified purchase
Bit too small
Only 4 mm lines really go through the block. They are too thin for a certain size of the sail. So next time I would order slightly larger rolls.
Gerhard W.
Flag of Germany Verified purchase
Super fast delivery
Hello dear SVB team,
I was very satisfied with the delivery.
Again any time,

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Ulrich O.
Flag of Germany
Dimensions are wrong
If you measure a lot, you measure a lot of crap! For my new shrouds and stays, I first ordered 1 piece of item 12797 to see if the dimensions are correct, after I saw pull points in the data sheet for ordering the shrouds that are absolutely no pull points. After a telephone query, I was then told for the shrouds that (for shrouds with 2 eye terminals as I need them) always be measured from the center of the eye to the center of the eye. Now I wanted to see if the rigging screws were also measured in some way (e.g. length over everything that nobody is interested in) or maybe from eye center to eye center. If you unscrew the turnbuckle up to the very last turn of the thread, you might get the specified dimensions, but that's probably of no interest to anyone. You have to use the full thread of the sleeve if you want to have the specified breaking load on the one hand and also use a cotter pin to secure it on the other would like... So with 38" UNF the actual dimensions are A 13.5 instead of 12mm B 20 instead of 19mm L1 281 instead of 299mm L2 206 instead of 197mm. 2 cm difference in the length of the usable length is quite a lot for shrouds and stays! !