PLB40 Portable Lithium Battery / 40 Ah

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€503.36 This is a NET-price excluding German VAT. Shipments to countries outside of the EU may be subject to import duties and taxes.
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DOMETIC - PLB40 lithium battery
Operating voltage
12 V
40 Ah
25.7 cm
19.7 cm
19.7 cm
7.5 kg

Product details

The PLB40 lithium battery is perfect for a long trip away from home. This portable battery, consisting of an integrated, powerful 512 Wh lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery, provides power in the most remote places or at sea.

Thanks to its battery management system, the PLB40 protects against undervoltage, surges, short-circuit and overheating and delivers short charging times, high performance and flexible storage. Furthermore, it has up to five times longer life than conventional lead-acid batteries.
The battery can easily be charged via a 12 V socket, a solar panel or an AC power supply and can supply a DOMETIC - CFX 40W cooler for up to 40 hours.

Furthermore, the PLB40 battery includes an integrated PWM solar charge controller which enables you to connect a solar module directly without an additional charge controller. (Module open circuit voltage Uoc max. 25 V, module current lmp max. 10 A)

Other features
  • Fast charging: Integrated 8 A charger
  • USB ports: Ideal for charging mobile devices
  • Can be used everywhere on the move: lightweight, with an ergonomic stainless steel handle
  • Easy to use: Integrated LCD displays show capacity, charge state and output
  • Three charging options: Over 12V power outlet, solar panel or AC power
  • Innovative technology: More stable power supply and longer life than lead-acid batteries
  • Especially for the Dometic CFX and other electric coolers

Technical data
Model PLB40
Battery type Lithium iron phosphate
Input voltage 12 V
Output voltage 12 V
Output current 15 A
Nominal battery capacity 40 A
Min. operating temperature 0 °C
Max. operating temperature 50 °C
Dimensions (WxHxD) 197 x 257 x 197 mm
Weight: 7.54 kg
Waterproof IP44

  • Which solar modules are compatible with the PLB40?
    DOMETIC recommends using a solar module with a DC output voltage (Voc) of 8-25 V. Do not use a solar module with a charge regulator, because the charge regulator in the module may not provide charge current due to the DC charge technology already integrated in the PLB40. The 12V charging input of the PLB40 battery is a grey SB50 Anderson connector*. A cigarette lighter/anderson plug connection cable is included. Please refer to the short manual to see how you can use it to connect a solar module. Always ensure the correct polarity when connecting an external charging source!
    * Matching plug is not in our general product range. It can be supplied on request.
  • Can I charge the PLB40 via the cigarette lighter in my vehicle?
    Yes. The PLB40 has an integrated intelligent 8A charger which, unlike other lithium batteries, allows direct charging via a 12V DC socket in the vehicle. They save you additional charging devices (lithium-compatible battery to battery chargers).
  • Can I connect an inverter to the PLB40 and what is the maximum power of the inverter?
    Yes, it is possible to operate a 150 Watt inverter with the PLB40.
  • How many charging cycles can I expect with the PLB40?
    Batteries with lithium-iron phosphate (LiFePO4) are designed for 2,000 charge cycles, while lead-acid batteries can achieve around 500 cycles under optimum conditions and generally at a maximum 50% depth of discharge.
  • Can I charge the PLB40 and run a CFX with it at the same time?
    Yes, the PLB40 can charge simultaneously and provide enough power to run a CFX or other cooler.
  • What advantages does lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) offer compared to other battery types?
    Lithium iron phosphate batteries have a very low power loss from self-discharge and offer a stable output voltage of 12 V. LiFePO4 batteries have a much higher energy density than other batteries. They are safe batteries that are suitable for use in extreme ambient temperatures. The integrated battery management system provides protection against overcharge, deep discharge and high or low temperatures. Up to 2,000 discharge cycles at 80% discharge depth are possible. Another advantage of LiFePO4 technology over other battery technologies is its high energy density and low weight, making it ideal for use in portable devices.
  • How can I avoid the need for an additional battery with the PLB40 for the mobile use of my cooler?
    You can charge the PLB40 from your vehicle's 12V socket while running a CFX or compressor cooler. (Charging cable is included.) You can also take your PLB40 out of the vehicle to power your cooler wherever you are - a campsite, the beach or a barbecue.
In the operating instructions under "6.3 Charging the lithium iron phosphate battery pack" it is stated that the PLB40 can be charged with an input voltage of 8 to 25 V.
This means: The PLB40 must not be charged from a 24 V vehicle electrical system, because in the 24 V vehicle electrical system the voltage can rise to around 30 V when charging system is active (e.g. when the alternator is running)!

New lithium batteries are generally only supplied in a partially charged state. Before using the PLB40 for the first time, it should be fully charged to use the full range of features.


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