LIFOS brings the energy revolution to you on board to finally spell the end to power scarcity on the go. Thanks to the latest lithium technology, you'll have about twice the amount of energy as a classic marine battery of a comparable size at a much lower weight. Want to buy LIFOS products? At SVB, you can choose from LIFOS batteries such as our 105ah leisure battery or 200 ah leisure battery. Learn more about LIFOS...
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Who is LIFOS?

LIFOS Advanced Battery Technology from Telfort in England is a young, innovative brand and stands for sustainable energy management on board. The manufacturer has specialised in creating innovative power solutions to deliver safe, dependable energy for a range of applications, especially in demanding conditions. 

This makes LIFOS batteries ideal for use on boats, where there is often no space for large battery systems and uneven charging and discharging cycles mean that conventional batteries are quickly pushed to and beyond their limits.

Why LIFOS lithium batteries?

Lithium-polymer batteries have a number of advantages, especially on board. LIFOS has added its own innovations to create particularly strong, lightweight batteries for maritime use. The next time you come to change your batteries on your boat, you should seriously consider this more modern technology, as unlike classic lead-acid or gel batteries, LIFOS batteries feature intelligent energy management, which means they can be easily connected to existing chargers for AGM and gel batteries that allow a final charging voltage of 14.8 volts. As a result, retofitting to any boat is a breeze. 

Similarly, installation location options are extremely flexible, as LIFOS batteries work at any angle. And since no gases, acids or harmful substances escape, they can be installed safely even under bunks and in unventilated areas on board. Lithium is also the lightest known metal on earth. The high energy density of a lithium-polymer battery gives them a significantly lower weight and greater capacity than comparable older battery systems of the same size. 

LIFOS lithium batteries are also ,much more efficient. In traditional battery systems, the voltage drops from about 50 percent of the battery capacity when discharging to such an extent that normal 12-volt devices do not recieve the power they need. Which means that half of the battery charge is wasted. Lithium batteries, on the other hand, can release up to 80 percent of the stored energy before the voltage drops. LIFOS batteries also feature a bluetooth interface to prevent this from happening in the first place. Simply connect a smartphone and you can view consumer and charging status data. If your batteries are becoming increasingly empty, a corresponding message is displayed and prompts the user to recharge before the power failure. This can happen in a very short time thanks to high charging currents. Any high-power alternators or wind generators are thus utilised to the maximum. Battery monitoring systems provide additional certainty, especially on board your boat, where charging and discharging cycles are rarely complete.

Intelligent energy management will also give your batteries a much longer shelf-life. LIFOS lithium batteries last around six times longer than older battery technologies. So they're definitely worth the higher price for this reason alone. The cost per charging cycle are attributed to around 60 percent less consumption, which is also better for the environment and your wallet. And green issues are certainly important to LIFOS, clear to see in their in-house recycling concept.

But that's not all. Once installed, LIFOS products are also almost maintenance-free. In winter storage, they can tolerate temperatures as low as -20 degrees Celsius, and even below deck in the tropics they work without problems at up to 60 degrees Celsius. Only the electronics should be checked every 7.5 years. All this considered, if you decide to buy and use LIFOS batteries on your boat, you'll save both costs and effort over the lifespan of your batteries.

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With LIFOS lithium batteries on board, you're well on the way to a more sophisticated energy supply system. To be truly self-sufficient, however, the energy must also be generated. Find useful information about solar technology in our section Solar for boats. Other possible power sources on board are alternators & generators. You will also find all the accessories required for connecting boat batteries in our range.