Functional Underwear for Men

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Warm and dry through all weather. Whether it's cold or wet, doing strenuous or relaxing activities, with functional underwear you'll be well prepared for all situations. Versatile and able to transport moisture directly away from the body, so you can focus entirely on your boating, sailing or other passions. Find the right base layer for men for your next trip with us.

Functional Underwear

- Find the right base layer and be ready for anything - 

How does functional underwear work?

Functional underwear is used as a base layer and is worn directly on the skin. Its main purpose is to carry moisture away from the body. This is absolutely necessary for the body to maintain an optimal temperature. A base layer works like a second skin. It is particularly important for functional underwear to dry quickly and be breathable. The midlayer, which is often made of fleece, then provides warmth. It stores heat and absorbs moisture. This is then released gradually and can be carried away through the outer shell. 

Which material should functional underwear be made of?

The material used for functional underwear is as versatile as the areas in which it is used. We have two different versions, which when combined add to this versatility: 

Pure new wool (merino wool)
Natural merino wool comes from the merino sheep and is popular because of its natural warming properties. It provides good insulation and regulates body temperature in summer and winter. Even when wet, merino wool warms and feels dry on the skin. It also features dirt-resistant, anti-bacterial and anti-odour properties, particularly beneficial for longer or strenuous activities.

Synthetic fibres
Synthetic fibres are made of different materials. They include polyester, polyacrylic and polyamide. Due to the thickness of their fibres and material properties, they can be used in a wide variety of ways. Properties such as quick-drying, durability and increased elasticity can be combined to achieve different results. One advantage over wool is less wear and tear on the fibres. Products without seams can also be produced.

Combined merino wool and synthetic fibres
For even better properties, e.g. faster drying or increased elasticity, new wool and synthetic fibres can be combined. A high level of comfort is one of the basic requirements for outdoor use. With the right base layer, nothing can stop you enjoying your next trip on the water.

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Colin C. on 06.10.2022

Goods received as advertised and promptly

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Titas G. on 05.10.2022

I ordered on Sunday and on Friday was already in my local post office in Finland. Super quick

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Luis Filipe V. on 05.10.2022

Everything received in perfect conditions, as usual, and very fast.