ZEUS³ - 12 Surface Mount Version / with AIS-Transponder CAMINO 108S and NMEA2000 Starter Kit

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Zeus3 12"

Multifunction display with touchscreen & keypad

The B&G Zeus3 chartplotter not only features a slim design, but also a wide range of award-winning sailing features. Use the B&G Zeus3 as a chart plotter with a range of intuitive functions. Display a variety of information such as tank levels, AIS, depth and speed data via the NMEA2000 interface. Thanks to Forwardscan® compatibility (transducer optionally available), always know what to expect.

The ultra-bright, wide-angle display combines an all-weather touch screen, rotary control and keypad. This makes operation simple and precise in every situation, whether below or on deck. Use the integrated WiFi for display mirroring and B&G online services

Complete chartplotter (supports Navionics & C-MAP)
Forwardscan® support


Chartplotter with sailing functions

ZEUS nautical charts

Fully featured chartplotter
The integrated 10 Hz GPS receiver and multi-touch display with the latest pinch-to-zoom technology make the 5" display a fully functional chart plotter. Take advantage of Navionics+ and C-MAP MAX-N+ nautical chart support and choose from a variety of sailing areas.

Award-winning sailing features
Experience the highly acclaimed B&G Sailing/Cruising features such as SailSteer™, SailTime™, Laylines, Windplot and enhanced display of sailing instruments with the B&G Zeus3. These functions not only boost your performance in regattas, but also allow you to enjoy a relaxed afternoon cruise.
To take full advantage of the B&G sailing functions we recommend the B&G WS310 or WS320 (wireless) wind sensor. This can be easily connected to the B&G Zeus3 via the NMEA2000 network and gives you the exact wind direction and speed.


On the easy-to-read Sailsteer™ display, cruicial sailing parameters such as wind information, speed, tide, course, course over ground, layline and waypoints can be displayed directly.

This gives you the information you need at your fingertips.


Current course and laylines are overlaid on your chart, giving you an excellent overview. The B&G Layline function lets you see which way is best and ensure you tack in the right place to help you get to windward as efficiently as possible. Laylines takes into account tide and wind changes to plot the fastest course to the next waypoint. To use Laylines we recommend a B&G wind sensor.


Plan your regatta or your next journey effectively. SailingTime™ keeps you up to date and always lets you know how long it will take to get to a waypoint. It calculates the time you’ll spend on each tack, taking into account wind and tidal effects. This gives you an accurate ETA at your destination.


Be on the line as the gun goes with RacePanel. Such important regatta functions only pro navigators have enjoyed, until now. With time, distance and position data, the B&G RacePanel helps you get off to a perfect start in the regatta, all on a single display.

Integrated Go-Free WiFi

Thanks to integrated WLAN, the B&G Zeus3 gives you direct access to GoFree cloud services, including wireless chart downloads, software updates and more.

Whether connected to your home Wi-Fi with your boat trailered in the driveway, logged in to your marina’s Wi-Fi, or tethered to your smartphone out on the lake, you can access GoFree cloud services anywhere you have an internet connection.

On the water, GoFree connects the B&G Zeus3 to your mobile devices, mirroring your display’s screen on your smartphone or giving you full remote control from your tablet with the free GoFree Controller app.

  • Control your B&G Zeus3 directly from your iPad or Android tablet
  • Mirror your screen with a compatible smartphone
  • The integrated WiFi module allows easy access to the GoFree™ shop:
    • Get automatic updates for your B&G Zeus3
    • Download the latest Insight Genesis™ charts
    • Enhance your sailing experience with a variety of apps

Connection options



Full NMEA2000 connectivity

With the B&G Zeus3 you will always keep an eye on important data. With its clear and configurable instrument screen, you can organise data that is important to you and have access to updated values in every situation.

Depending on the transducers available in the NMEA2000 network, you can display the following data:

  • Tank contents
  • Depth & temperature data
  • Speed through water (Speed) and speed over ground (SOG)
  • Environmental parameters
  • Position & navigation data
  • Compass / heading data
  • AIS data
  • Dynamic motor parameters

Simple integration into existing systems
Already have a chartplotter on board? Regardless of whether you use Raymarine, Simrad or Garmin devices, the B&G Zeus3's NMEA2000 interface makes it extremely easy to integrate seamlessly into existing systems.

The B&G Zeus3 is the perfect addition to your current setup. Use the B&G Zeus3 as a control unit for your Simrad, Lowrance or B&G autopilot.
Take advantage of the wide range of possible applications, which are made possible by integrated NMEA2000 interface as well as the space-saving installation dimensions.

System example - Autopilot control unit
The B&G Zeus3 makes a perfect control unit for your Simrad, Lowrance or B&G autopilot. Use the full operating possibilities of an autopilot display in combination with the navigation capabilities of a similarly fully functional chart plotter. With the B&G Zeus3 you will have a powerful combination.


Latest radar technology

The B&G Zeus3 series is compatible with the latest VelocityTrack™ Doppler radar technology of the HALO20+ and HALO24 radar antennas. Take advantage of colour-coded echoes to quickly identify incoming and outgoing targets. You can of course use conventional HALO20 and 3G and 4G broadband radar antennas with the B&G Zeus3.
HALO radar antennas are connected via the ethernet port of the B&G Zeus3.


ForwardScan­® support


Know what's in front of you!
In combination with the optional Navico ForwardScan® transducer, the B&G Zeus3 provides a 2D sonar image of the seabed in front of your boat. In shallow, unknown or poorly mapped waters, the ForwardScan® function helps you avoid running aground. It is also a very useful tool in the search for a safe anchorage.



  1. Ethernet
    For example to connect a radar antenna, a second B&G Zeus3 or a network switch NEP-2 (item: 81520)
  2. Ethernet
  3. HDMI
    An external monitor can be connected here.
  4. Video/NMEA0183
    Connection optional video/data cable (item: 17409).
    2x composite video input (chinch)
    1x NMEA0183 port (input & output)
  5. NMEA2000 (Micro-C)
    Connect to the NMEA2000 network via Micro-C connector.
  6. Power connection
    Connect the supplied 4-pin power cable.
    +/- 12V power supply
    Current control wire (ignition)
    Alarm wire
  7. Sonar port
    Single CHIRP, 50/200kHz conventional or HDI transducer
  8. Sonar 2 port
    Total scan, Active Imaging or Forward Scan transducer

Technical data

Dimensions 352 x 225 x 98 mm, with bracket: 377 x 241 x 120 mm
Weight: 3.1 kg
Operating temperature -15 °C to +55 °C
Storage temperature -20 °C to +60 °C
Waterproof to IPX6 and 7
Operating Voltage 10 - 31.2 V DC
Recommended fuse 5 A
Power consumption 30 W
Display resolution 800 x 1280 px
Display brightness 1200 nits
Display viewing angle 80° top/bottom, 80° left/right
Ethernet 2x ethernet ports
Bluetooth Integrated
NMEA2000 1x NMEA2000 microC
NMEA0183 1x input, 1x output (with optional data cable SVB no: 17409)
Video input 2x composite connection with RCA socket
WiFi Integrated
Sonar connection Yes, 40-250 kHz, 455-800 kHz
GPS Integrated, 10 Hz, 34 channels
External storage 2x microSD slot, max. card size: 32 GB
Internal storage 16 GB
Waypoints, routes and tracks 6000 waypoints, 500 routes with max.
100 route points, 50 tracks with up to 12,000 track points
Languages English, Danish, German, Spanish, Finnish, French,
Greek, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Portuguese, Swedish
Further features Radar, sonar, weather, AIS, autopilot integration, multimedia (SonicHub, FusionLink, Sirius)
Included Zeus3 12" display, installation frame, mounting bracket, sun cover, 2 m power cable

Chart module:

C-Card MAX orange
C-Card NT+ black

Compatible with the following charts:

C-MAP MAX-N C-MAP MAX-N+ C-MAP MAX-N+ Continental Navionics+ Navionics Platinum+

Chart features:

Chart system Vector maps Grid/paper charts Easy/Autorouting Tides Satellite images High-resolution depth lines
C-MAP MAX-N+ Continental
Navionics Platinum+
The CAMINO-108 series is the new generation of AIS-B transmitters / receivers. Inside its compact housing, you will find optimized reception and transmission performance with BSH and CE certification. The dual-channel receiver allows for the monitoring of all types of AIS signals, such as Class A (professional shipping), Class B, AtoN and SART. The device comes equipped with NMEA2000, NMEA0183 and USB connections, allowing chartplotters and PC's to be connected. 

Equipped with an internal splitter, the Camino-108S allows for the use of an existing FM antenna. This makes the installation of the AIS transponder particularly easy, seeing as the existing radio is connected directly to the Camino, instead of to the FM antenna. The splitter ensures that the devices always have sufficient transmission power.  
  • NMEA2000, NMEA0183, USB interface
  • Powerful, integrated splitter
  • Integrated GPS module with external GPS patch antenna with 3 m connection cable
  • AIS signal transmission can be switched off (with optional TX-Off unit, Art. 95544)
  • 12/24 V operating voltage
  • Dimensions: 159 x 88 x 46 mm
  • Incl. configuration software
  • Including GPS patch antenna (cable length 3 meters)
  • With CE approval

Tutorial AIS Transponder with integrated Splitter

Find the current software for programming your AMEC device here.

Comparison Table:
Model Integrated Splitter   SOTDMA  Transmitting Power  Integrated WiFi
B600     5 Watt  
B600S     5 Watt  
B600W     5 Watt  
Camino 108     2 Watt  
Camino 108S     2 Watt  
Camino 108W     2 Watt  


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Technical question

User image of Nader H.
Nader H. asked
on Dec 13, 2020
hi, i purchased Oceanis 45 , has zeus2 chartplotter installed ,the 12inch chartplotter missing, i need to replace it with Zeus 3 12 inch , pls advice if it can be interconnected to the other 2 chartplotters zeus2 9 inch
User image of Cory V.
Cory V. answered
on Dec 16, 2020
Dear customer, yes it can all be connected to one system if you have the required parts set up. Please see our NMEA guide for further info. Thanks.

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